Sony Not at Fault for Game Sharing Stupidity

Game sharing is one of the most important aspects of the PlayStation Network that sets it apart from many other consoles and even PCs. There’s no other gaming machine on this planet that offers this under appreciated ability. Over the last year, more gamers have begun to disparage Sony because PSN accounts are limited to only 5 consoles.

One blog even went so far to as to call Jack Tretton’s lauded words from Gamers’ Day in San Francisco on October 19, 2006 a “marketing failure.” At that time, the Vice President now turned CEO / President of SCEA said, “We want to get the game in as many hands as possible.”

Perhaps there is a communication error here but Mr. Tretton did not make it. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding of the User Agreement but whose fault is that really?

At what point does pragmatism come into the picture? You’ve heard the antiquated cliches…“you do the crime, you do the time” or perhaps “a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.” Yes…here is a new one that fits perfectly: “You are only as smart as you act.”

Many people are stuck in these situations because of broken consoles, friends selling their systems without deactivating accounts, or even account hacking. Regardless of the situation or the guesstimated meaning of the User Agreement, gamers ultimately have no one to blame except themselves.

If you are sharing your account with your friends, you should make sure each person is trustworthy. If your console breaks…fix it, then deactivate your account or play on. Don’t give your PSN information to anyone unless you personally know them and can hold them responsible for using your account.

Why not just create an account used specifically for game sharing? This way you prevent people for using your main account and protect yourself just in case one of your friends happens to be a fiend instead.

Remember…you are only as smart as you act so don’t point your finger at Sony and forget there are three pointing back at you. Doing so only magnifies your own—and perhaps this is a strong word—stupidity. But when gamers start blaming a company for limiting a licensed product to only you and four of your closest friends, stupidity qualifies as accurate.

  • Mike

    I understand what you are trying to say, but the fact is that Sony Touted the fact that you can download every items 5 times. No one even knew you had to Deactivate the system, it was NOT common knowledge until recently. Now, You may still think its not sony’s fault, but think of it this way. The Cap is set at 5 systems, why? Why allow us to do it 5 times and the lock? Why not 1? You can’t say they lack that capability, because they can lock it at 5.

  • truth

    @john: dont be stupid, read the article.

  • Ray

    Hey Mike, Define “Common Knowledge”. Is that phrase used to specifically describe what YOU know? Fact is everyone I know knew about this setup for over a year now and all this information was available right on Sony’s website. When I first heard of game sharing I checked it out right away and found this info easy enough.

    The funniest part for me is the fact that you just read through an entire article that says “Don’t blame Sony because you’ll just look stupid” and you you follow that by blaming sony. Haha! Thats good stuff.

  • To Mike

    To mike:

    The whole reason why you get 5 downloads is so that if you install a new HDD you can re download all the stuff you have paid for.

    People abuse this feature so 4 other s can grab X game (not all games allow this feature though) for free, I reckon the silly person is the 1 person paying for it and then giving their back ups of said game away for free to people.

    To get more copies you’ll need to re-buy the file so it’d suck if you had a HDD fail and then had to repay for everything you’ve already paid for again, just so you can downloa

  • FamilyGuy

    People abuse this feature so 4 other s can grab X game (not all games allow this feature though) for free, I reckon the silly person is the 1 person paying for it and then giving their back ups of said game away for free to people.”

    You have no idea what you’re talking about o.O
    Actually i’m lying, you DO have an idea but unfortunately it’s the common misconception on how “game sharing” works.

    All 5 “activated consoles” can download the files as many times as they want but only 5 consoles (max) can be activated at any given time. All you need to do is save at least one incase you PS3 breaks or only trust your account/s with people you can truly trust, as sony intended the use for.

  • Yeah trust the people that you share with but for the case where people sell their console…. go online to Sony’s website and change the password to your account.

    If you are about to give your info to someone you don’t trust then constantly have your password sent to you in your email inbox to see if the password has been changed yet or not. That way if they do change it before they change the email address over to theirs you know the password and you can let them do some damage but as soon as they log off… you log in with the new password. Most of the time those account hackers don’t switch the e-mail in time so you can recover it pretty quickly. Monitor it online and quickly log in and change it again before they can switch the e-mail.