TQcast Episode 80

TQcast EP 80

TQcast Episode 80 “MAG ALL CAST” (1:31) TQcast is back in the TQHQ from Tokyo Califas, holding it down, sharing the latest and greatest in the gaming world.

MAG PS3 Impressions LIVE!
Madden 2010 iPhone Impressions
Scribblenauts DS Impressions
WET continues to impress
TQ Trophy contest update
Madden 2010 Tourney Update
**New Madden Announcement that will bring more Rewards!**
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • still listening…I hear my music in the BG. I love you too Juice *NO HOMO BRO*

  • MAG was a pain to download but once you finished the download and started playing it ran great not laggy like I thought it would be.

  • GREAT show, brothers!
    I’m definitely going to check out “Wet” if you love it this much, Desz! Also, I watched the unrated, “Dicks a Plenty” version of Sex Drive and Desz, I must agree with Juice….giving it a higher rating than Pineapple Express? NO MAMESSSSSSSSSS WEYYYYYYY!
    Anyways, keep up the good work, and let’s keep giving cool ass shit to the realest community on the planet- the TQ FAM, baby!

  • Kosamus

    Great episode TQ! As always you guys have brought the goods. Come to think about it JUICE, a Resident Evil Collection would be sick. I never really jumped on the Final Fantasy bandwagon, but a collection would definitely kick start it for me. So far, i’m really enjoying MAG, and even got some 3Shitty fanboys to actually play and appreciate it. That really says something because they were hating on the game already.

  • xxd4rkmalicexx/kratosoprano

    nice show guys. good tqshot to: happy birthday juice! i hope u had a good b day party. tqfam 4 life