Another White PS3 announced in Japan


What’s the deal with Japan being the only ones to get these white PS3’s? Sony announced today, that there will be a special Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Edition “white” 250GB PS3, bundled with Final Fantasy XIII on December 17, but only in Japan. The price will be 41,600 yen ($456). What’s the deal? Give us the white PS3. We all wish our PS3 was white. 😉

  • Hey JUiCE, import this slim, so you can finally buy a wii.hahaha white on white..I wish my PS3 was white.

  • Siggy

    If you import this then some of your PS3 games might be censored. I remember reading an article saying the first Uncharted PS3 game censored blood on the Japanese PS3 hardware even when you inserted a US disc. Great design though and I hope this comes to North America.