Pat Preezy puts a price on a TQFAM’s head, the Chi City greats give you a behind-the-scenes look at the BMI VII LIVE setup, and the Uncharted 2 Beta is tested on the air.



LIVE FROM CHICAGO, IL, USA- the World’s Most Notorious Pirates return once again for BMI VII! Everything from the controversial Blueprint 3 debate, Kanye West scandal, Kid Cudi contest, and even the “Money On Your Head” challenge to a fellow listener is discussed in this legendary episode.

The Music of BMI VII: B.Lee feat MDC – Do it again (produced by Pat Preezy)


  • hahahahahaha, this was one of the funniest yet. I can tell when Pat had some feel good juice in him, it was right after the break. Good shit guys, you had packed chat rooms…

    LMFAO!!! I have never even heard of a PS2 to PS3 controller converter, mannnnnnn, I’m so glad we in the same fam! Some shit I would do too.

    I’m off to listen to BMIVII now.

  • Thanks for featuring and checking out the shows, hermano! I’m glad you enjoyed them! …do you see what your guys’ Madden Tournament has started?!? But yeah, the Coronas were providing us with some good times that night for sure! …I don’t know how, but I’m definitely going to try and make an even crazier setup for BMI VIII!

  • chittimonsta

    man, pat was so set on someone beating me bad, too bad it aint gonna happen………..hahahahahah…………you guys were hilarious though great show

  • chittimonsta

    oh yeah, wheres my socks….lol

  • DAMNIT, Chitti! Nobody has won pat’s challenge yet? Ohhh mannnnn! Thanks again for jumping in the chat room and checking out the show though, brotha! I appreciate it!

  • Kosamus

    Awesome show live and on my pod. I laughed my ass off when Pat was announcing his bounty on Chitty and the he came on. lol. And I have to agree on Kyo looking like a Geico Caveman – that shit made me laugh my ass off even harder. thanks for the shoutout

  • Hahaha, thanks, Kosamus! It was awesome having you guys in the chat! Everytime I looked at the screen, some crazy shit was going on in your place! And yes,…Chitty coming on while Pat was saying that shit was fucking hilaaaaaaaaaarious! I hope to have you join us for BMI VIII, pahtnah!