TQRaw Episode 2

TQRaw Episode 2 “Frozen Mush” (Video Length 44:00)

Show Notes:

T-Mobile stock is a must
iPhone 3GS may be cheaper for early 3G adopters
WTF happened the the Palm Pre
AT&T’s answer to lack of MMS
Pat Preezy or Simon D.I.?
Plus, Desz covers 3 media streaming softwares for your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that are worth a try, in the Tech Tip of the week: “How to stream movies to your PS3 and Xbox 360.”
PS3 Media Server
If you have any questions on the streaming part, hit up the TQforums.

Also, if you would like us to cover something in specific, feel free to post it under the TQRaw forums thread.

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  • xxNEOGEOxx

    Good job guys! I’m downloading PS3 Media server right now!

  • ooohhhwwweee! GREAT show once again, hermanos! VERY informative, VERY entertaining, and if the tech news wasn’t enough, you taught us how to make Raspados de Cerveza! No mamesssss!
    Anyways, I know deep down inside you would pick me, Desz, so thank you! Keep up the good work, fellas.

  • Damn Guys, great show once again!
    A couple of comments:
    *T-Mobile actually supports the iPhone for those who have their iPhone unlocked. Check this out: http://www.tuaw.com/2009/05/07/t-mobile-supporting-iphone-yep/
    *Also, i agree with you guys on the whole sirius/xm radio. Having Pandora on iPhone is all you need!
    Filty, did you say new iMac?? wow! exciting news! I’ve been thinking of picking one up, now I’ll wait!
    *It seems like Filty is with me on the whole “paying to BMI” thing, So sorry Desz. lol
    *The only way to use PlayOn for Mac, you have to have use Windows via Parallels or Bootcamp. The best software for Mac is MediaLink: http://www.nullriver.com/products/medialink – Only for PS3 though.
    But now i definitely have to try PS3 Media Server, thanks for the hook up Desz!

  • Thanks guys!

    Big ups to Filty, who got the video rendering down to a tee. This looks as good as the HD vimeo, yet smaller in size, and plays quick.

    Simon, don’t let Pat know please.

  • For real, Desz, the quality was immaculate! Good shit, Filty! As a matter of fact, right when you mentioned Blip.tv, I started uploading BMI TV 4 to it, and it was a FAST,easy and nice quality (standard-def) upload!

  • good ass show. I’m gonna try the PS3 media server thing. LMAO @ Desz not picking and Filty bringing up the Madden shit

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  • kratosoprano

    GOOD show BMI 4 Life!

  • BiFF

    exceLLent show brothas, very smooth, great show! I accept responsibility for lettin it go too long, and for the 4 second technical difficulties, my bad.. TQRaw on its way to being great, nice work Filthy n Desz! By the way Desz, we could tell you had a couple drinks B4 the show, u had some droopy eye action at the beggining of the show, ha ha.

  • @BiFF hahaha I see it. It’s almost as if I was able to touch my face, but I couldn’t feel it. BiFF we need to smoke them cigars this Friday.