Uncharted 2 Reviews Send MW2 a Message

It comes to no surprise that Uncharted 2 has been a GOTY prospect since E3, but now the true is starting to release. Two full reviews have already been covered on PlayStation:The Official Magazine, in which they plated a 5 out of 5 and made it the monthly editor’s choice. Also head lined “forget GOTY, this is one of the best games in history. French publication PSM3 went all out and gave this Uncharted 2 a 21 out of 20, calling it in one word “M-O-N-S-T-R-E-U-X! Now, there has been tons of talk regarding the GOTY award, and how Modern Warfare 2 will shut down all Uncharted 2 talk as soon as it releases. But, can you really shutdown a perfect game? MW2 would have to be perfect, in order to put the U2 GOTY talk to rest. Either way, the gamers win, but Uncharted 2 has obviously send a message out to MW2 and any other 2009 game of the year prospect, “bring it”.

  • JamBK

    I have to admit I was starting to question whether once MW2 comes out if I would still touch U2 but man seeing how people who actually played the game are hyping it up I dunno… in my heart its my GOTY no matter what…. loved the 1st one… the 2nd just seems crazy. U2 and MW2 have me on lockdown until God of War 3….. its a wrap!

  • bg93

    Downloading the demo, 38%. Its been the longest hour of my life. I am a HUGE fan of Ratchet and Clank and am practically overlooking all its previews to pick apart Uncharted 2 (still getting Ratchet October 27). I have never wanted a game so bad in my entire life and I don’t think I ever will be as hyped for anything this gen.

  • Gregero

    I only got to play the beta that came with Infamous, but from what I played, it’s one of the best damn games on earth. Of course I can’t say the full game is, but I’m more than willing to bet it will be. Raise a glass for this one!

  • Mehdi

    Why are you so hyped for it? Did the first games story fascinate you or something? This game brings absolutely nothing new to the table and quite frankly looks average to good. I cannot understand why it is so hyped. I too am on 38% coincidence? Hehe

  • Kosamus

    @Mehdi Who wants something completely new to the table everytime you play a new game? Maybe we just want a highly polished title that is fun to play with a high budget cinematic direction. lol. The hype is there for a reason, its because Naughty Dog pays all our bills! jk

    Enough with the fanbait – ITS A FREAKING VIDEO GAME AND IT LOOKS WORTH $60 – unlike half the crap I see comes out that needs dlc just for the complete experience.

    Modern Warfare 2 looks delicious – can’t go wrong at all with that purchase. Multiplayer will be golden, but hopefully it isn’t too ridiculous with the perks.


    NO GAme is perfect and no game ever will be ,GTA 4 is close to perfect and is the best game ever period,i dont understad the fuss about this games Graphics it dont look that great and thats all the ps3 can do because its maxed out if any one wants to see great graphics the n play crysis on a good pc and u will see great visuals its almost real.

  • TheGodSend


    seriously? you think GTA4 is nearly perfect? i mean, its good but not that good, think about it, RS made GTA4 just like they did with GTA3 on ps2, the next 1 or 2 GTA’s will be bigger and better cuz they didn’t go all out on the first one, they want room for more shit on the next game to have a bigger bang. and in case your BLIND, U2 has better graphics than Crysis….. HANDS DOWN. BEST F’N LOOKING GAME ON THE F’N PLANET!!!!! and thats no lie

  • Johnno

    Uncharted 2 is an extremely polished and fun game with a huge amount of features and variety. Good characters, great story. It looks to hit all the notes we love so perfectly. And so what if someone whats to break their meter and give it a 21/20? It’s their own freaking meter. A perfect score doesn’t mean a perfect to everyone game. It just means it does whatever it wanted to right without any problems. And breaking the meter could simply signify that a game with very high expectations still managed to exceed expectations. It’s also just to be overtly funny. Some people take this stuff way too seriously…

  • RealGamer

    Really? How can U2 be the “perfect game”? And the ONLY sources heralding it as such (and calling it GOTY) are Sony biased articles. I mean, it’s only common sense. If U2 was such a great game, why is isn’t it higher on the preorder list? ODST is beating it out, and MW2 is at the top. Come on…

  • Kosamus

    @Real360Gamer – Pre-orders do not define a good game. Your weak example means their are just more people out there that love a Multiplayer that they know how to play. I think PERFECT is pushing it a bit to far on Sony’s part. Sure they are Sony ex mags and maybe they are biased and even maybe already had a Sony rep do the proof reading. The main point is, people have a game to look forward to that doesn’t suck. That my friend is the real battle. The battle not to suck – HAZE is still an example of a shitty exclusive that people all thought was going to be GOTY before they played it. We all know that story though.

    We all know Resident Evil 5 is GotY already, right Desz. lol

  • espiritu604

    PERFECT! All 360 fanboys care about are sales cuz thats what they beat us in guess what 360s the first console so of course it got lots of sales. I dont think halo ODST is perfect, no one also said MW2 is perfect. U2 is the only exclusive out there against 360 to ps3 that has been given 21 out of 20 and has been named perfect.
    I didnt hear halo 3.1 getting perfect.

  • whatajoker

    360 fanboys are simply jealous that a game of this magnitude is not going to EVER be available to them or their console. To state that U2 is ”perfect” is yes, most likely an extreme overstatement, but to say that it isn’t going to be phenomenal because a game like odst is beating it out in preorders is pure nonsense.
    and to the people who say ps3 is doing poorly and getting killed by the 360-think about this…54% of 360’s fail and many of those people go out and buy a 2nd or 3rd system. PS3’s don’t fail nearly as uch, and therefore only need to sell 1 system to a person, not multiple rebuys by users of a broken console. think about that before you bring up sales in any conversation..good or bad.

  • n00b

    TheGodSend: Although U2 does look great, crysis still rapes it on max settings (mass res, max AA, max textures, DX10). I’m not a fanboy, I’m playing the U2 beta at this very minute, but it still does not touch crysis, but it still is a prime looking game. And ‘power’ doesn’t always include graphics, there is a hell of a lot of things going on in the background physics wise in U2, you only have to look at the video where all the stuff is falling out of the room to see what else power can mean.

  • Chief

    Man, we’re about to play the best game EVER created in history. Uncharted 2 has it all: great cinematic single player experience, solid and fun gameplay, jawdroping graphics, loveble characters, beautiful soundtrack, multiplayer competitive and cooperative, cinema mode and much more. Besides that, almost everybody likes the genre. It’s not like an FPS or an RPG, that we find ninches of players, it’s a f’n action/adventure game. Nothing is gonna hold it.

  • Guest

    Yeah cinema mode is so good you can’t even rewind. I wish they would make it so you can.

  • The_Geoff

    The reason its not on top of the “Pre Order” list is because its a game that never really got much attention, Im talking about the first one. People usually wait for Naughty Dog games to come out first and get reviewed before purchase.

    Halo and Call of Duty fanboys will Pre order a game as long as it has the name Halo in it, or looks like Call of Duty. They don’t care what they get in the end.

  • name

    im dissapointed in the MP though.
    theres barely any modes, theres not enough players per game and jesus christ where do all the bots for co-op come from?
    they just sit in 1 area and shoot you, you kill 50 of them so 50 more appear.
    SP wise this is going to be the best game released, well till GOW3.
    MP wise i still think killzone 2 is king of multiplayer.

  • it’s always funny how people comment so strongly about a game before they even experience the whole game… lame people… more to the point.. why do you care whether the game is the greatest of all time or whether it sucks.. is it putting money in your pocket?? thought not

  • troy

    If the game sucks dave that means they wont make a third Uncharted you your brain dude.