TQRaw Episode 1

TQRaw Episode 1 “Beep that $hit out” (Video Length 37:00)

What’s up TQfam, we are proud to bring you the very first episode of TQRaw, that turned out very raw on one ear. After the intro music, turn it up a bit, there were some technical issues with the sound, but never the less Filty is back, and we are bringing you TechQuila for your ear and eyes today.

Show Notes:

iPod Nano video
Microsoft and Sony both get Marketing controversy
Skype gets put up for sale.
Internet Speed Rankings
iPhone 3GS the Ultimate Gaming system
PS3 2009 vs 360 vs 2007
Plus HD vs BMI Can you tell a difference?

Special thanks to everybody that made TQRaw EP1 happen!

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  • xxNEOGEOxx

    Great show guys!! Welcome back filty! Can’t wait for next week!

  • Siggy

    Awesome EP 1, guys. Definitely looking forward to EP 2. You guys have convinced me to move to South Korea 🙂

  • maggot

    Very nice job guys i definitely like the raw feel of the episode and its nice to get just all round tech news. Altho wut happened to the Unedited part of it… what did u let slip desz??? maybe add the unedited unedited directors cut in the tqVIP forums eh? keep up the good job ill be tuning in next week for sure

  • hahaha damn good job guys!!!

    @Desz, could I please get that link to the forums again??? hahaha

    I definitely agree downloadable content is the future!

    oh and i’ve been saying it all the time, youtube is the new google!

    Narco Corridos FTW!!! hahahaha


  • Kosamus

    Oh yah, finally finished TQRAW because I had trouble getting the full video to play. Welcome back to TQ Filty! Good to see you and Desz so pumped for this show. Can’t wait to see whats coming next. Still wondering what Desz said that made Filty almost lay hands down. lol . Luckily im a lip reader, hmmm.

  • Yes, sorry guys, we have been fighting this whole HD Video upload, and render. I have changed the default start up player to play in standard definition. Also we are working on reducing the size of the file so it is easier for everyone to view.

    We are also working on different size formats.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Alright TQfam, new smaller video file posted. Enjoy!

  • Thanks for doing that, Desz! My slow ass PC had a stuttering issue with it yesterday (I watched the first 5 mins and then I didn’t want to taint the experience), but now I can enjoy it to the fullest! From what I saw, I can’t wait to check out the rest! LOL @ “Midget Laptop”

  • Yeah thanks for fixing the file. I thought my laptop secretly installed Windows 78 or something. Good ass job on the show. Loved the “big ass laptop”

  • Ok, I just finished BMIing my paycheck and watching the entirety of the 30:00 TQ RAW episode 1 AT WORK….and gentlemen…. We’ve got Juice and Desz on TQ CAST, we’ve got SDI and Preezy on the BMI cast, and now we’ve got Filty and Desz on TQ RAW! I believe that what the TQ FAM has just witnessed was the Familia solidifying the future of Technology and Gaming Entertainment- TQ/BMI, baby! GREAT SHOW, thanks for the shout outs, and I can’t wait for MONDAY NIGHT (TQ) RAW 2!

  • …as a matter of fact…I’m gonna trademark the phrase right now…

  • No doubt Simon, we doing it, and it will only get betta, and I don’t mean not finished, more like we in it, to run this business from now till we finish, which will probably be never, since TQ is the Mega… of attention..there is just no question, I read business like Harry…Potter in a ducking cold shower, washing up for hours since these catz desire, that TQ would flounder in the middle of Chicago where my boys BMI get in to all kinds of trouble, we messing up you plotters making copy cat rosters, for your team…you betta see that TQfam is the new shi** to watch on your TV.

    Both Filty and I are working on providing different file size formats for the next show, and we will definitely fix the audio issue.

    That’s a good one “BMI’ng my pay check” lol

    Hey we have 2 in one week “ICBMI” (i CAN’T BMI) and “BMI’ng my pay check” hehe

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Nice show guys. Good to hear Filthy’ s voice again.

    I have a feeling this show is going to pull in another huge wave of future TQ/BMI Fam.

  • Hell yeah, l1t! You know it! TQ RAW has turned up the frequency on the worldwide TQ FAM Broadcast! If people didn’t know about it before, they will now!

    Desz, that was an awesome rap, hermano!

  • ViperX2

    Nice show! Looking forward to the next show for the streaming content.

  • kratosoprano

    good job guys i want the next tq raw now.lol