Little Big Planet GOTY Edition Out Now

For those that have yet to pick up LBP, you can now pick up the Game Of The Year edition, which includes tons of DLC, and a BETA code for the upcoming Mod Racers game, all for $59.99. The DLC alone is valued at $30. Little Big Planet is definitely a game that the whole family can enjoy, so be on the look out for this one, perhaps an early holiday gift.

A list of the DLC packed in the game.
Metal Gear Solid Costumes ($5.99)
Monsters Costumes ($2.99)
Monsters Pack ($3.99)
History Costumes ($2.99)
History Pack ($3.99) and Animals Costumes ($2.99)
Plus a half-dozen additional levels to play through ($5.99) and other new tools to create and share content online.

Available now at Amazon.

  • next game in my library

  • yeah I have to get that too…

  • maggot

    haha great game i use the level creator as my “powerpoint” for my skool presentation 😛 i love it. already have most of the stuff in there tho :-??

  • Guru-007

    Great family game. I play four way with my wife and my 3 and 6 year old kids. It is Hella fun.

    I even played once with my 60 year old aunt. It was the best time we ever had. We laughed so much.

    This game is so underrated. It is way better than any Mario Brothers game. Yeah I said it.