Killing The PS2 is NOT an Option

There is an old saying…“don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” yet that’s exactly what many gamers and supposed analysts are saying to Sony. Kill the PS2 then people will buy the PS3. What they fail to realize is there is no direct correlation between the two.

It would be fair to say a consumer purchasing a PS2 has an entirely different mindset than a person purchasing a PS3. In fact, the more you analyze these consumers, factors like age, lifestyle, occupation, and wealth vary more than most realize.

Several surveys say that a PS3 owner is on average 28 years old. This estimate indicates the person is for the most part autonomous and has the ability to make purchases on their own behalf. They choose the PS3 because they prefer high quality more so than affordability. This desire for high quality products can stem from their occupation or maybe because of their generation’s inclination towards technology.

A PS2 consumer is either buying it for someone else, nostalgic reasons, or perhaps as replacement for their old console. These consumers are more than happy to save a few bucks over features like Blu Ray or wireless online play. Perhaps you think this is a load of horse radish? Ask thirty people you know if they purchased a PS2 and you will find the above opinion valid.

With two very different consumer bases buying two different consoles, why alienate one by killing off the PS2? It makes no sense at all. Why stop selling a profitable system? It does not guarantee every PS2 owner or potential consumer will buy a PS3. As a matter of fact, it will open up the door for the Xbox 360 or the Nintendo Wii to become an option as well.

Right now, there is no real challenger to the PS2 with the Dreamcast, GameCube, and Xbox all gone from retail. PS2 sales numbers are still impressive for a 10 year old system. It continues to bring new consumers into gaming at a low price while extending brand awareness for Sony.

Of course, brand awareness doesn’t always equal brand loyalty but it certainly cannot hurt. When PS2 owners get ready to upgrade or can afford to, at least Sony already had their foot in the door and with over 50 million consoles sold…the odds are in their favor.

  • The PS2 is basically the gateway console.

    You best believe that there are still many kids, or even adults out there that have yet to even pick up there first console, and the PS2 is not only affordable for most, but the most supported console ever.

    In most places, not just the ghetto, the PS2 is the last console peeps bought. I’ve been to places where you would think they had the latest and greatest , but when they open up their cabinets, the PS2 is the console that may have some dust, but has a game inserted ready to play.

    Great article Litigator!

  • Johnno

    The PS2 is also making its way into third world countries where the majority of people can in no way afford decent televisions, let alone HDTVs and HD consoles… The cheaper it becomes, the more people in poorer places around the world get to experience games! There’s tons of untapped market there in ways Nintendo wishes it could do with its blue ocean strategy… The PS2 is already moving into those markets!