Climb With the Uncharted 2 Beta September 15th

Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed that those who reserve Uncharted 2: Among Thieves at specific retailers will be able to download a multiplayer demo from PSN starting September 15th.

This announcement came under the radar in a message board reply from SCEA to comments on the announcement of Uncharted 2’s special edition. No details on the demo were given, not even probable similarities to the previous multiplayer beta. Also previously reported that there would be no single player demo for Uncharted 2.

Along with previous major games like Killzone 2 and inFAMOUS, Sony is again offering a demo only to those who have already committed to the purchase of a game. Many have already cited that those not committed to pre-orders are perhaps the ones most in need of a demo.

A public demo is coming September 29th.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Dang. This is ridiculous. How the hell am I supposed to catch up on these trophy junkies with this beast just sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to play it?

    I need to clone me and maybe get another PS2 so I’ll can pull double duty or something. I’m starting to feel like I may run of cash and time this year. There’s at least seven games I want to buy and I have to make the kids’ Christmas hot as this is our first year altogether.

    You think they’ll finally let us redeem our trophy levels for discounted titles? Give us 10 levels and get a free Uncharted 2 Full Retail Game at launch!!!!

  • Well if Sony doesn’t reward us for Trophies, TQ sure will.

    Here is my list of games that I have yet played for more than 2 hours, and want to finish them.

    Batman: Arham Asylum
    Halo 3 ODST
    Mass Effect
    Madden 2010 going for Platinum
    GOW:Chains of Olympus

    Time is my biggest enemy for this, but I think I’ll continue on Madden, Batman, and Halo 3 for now.

    I think you will be good with only Uncharted and MW2

  • Kosamus

    Uncharted 2 & CoD MW2 are going to be my main go to games. Just beat Batman last night and am totally happy with my purchase. Sequel already confirmed (at least from what I witnessed). Expect a review today or tomorrow. I want to run through the challenge maps now.