TQcast Madden 2010 Tournament Details

If you signed up to be a part of the TQcast Madden 2010 Tournament, on the latest Live TQcast Episode 78, the details of the tournament have been announced. Just in case you missed those details, here they are:

  • Each game will be 5 Minutes on “All Pro”
  • You and your opponent are to contact each other via PSN, or TQcast Forums and set up game.
  • First match should be during the week of September 7
  • The winner is to contact JUiCE via email at juice@tqcast.com ASAP
  • The 1st place winner will win a replica jersey of their choice
  • The 2nd place winner will receive a Electronics Arts (EA) game of their choice
  • Big thanks to EA sports for helping us make this event extra glorious!

After the break you can view the chart, TQfam, start your predictions and betting!!

(click on image to see actual size.)

Below are the PSN ID’s with the teams they have chosen:

  • @chitty, you’re game ain’t strong enough to beat me…. LOL I’m just sayin’.

  • chittimonsta

    well maybe we both make it to da finals and we’ll see Juice

  • chittimonsta

    togreat for you Ill be ready at bout 9

  • chittimonsta

    I made juice Kiss da baby, as ocho cinco would say

  • chittimonsta

    so when can we play our next game?

  • Yeah, go for it!

  • Guru-007, let me know when you want to play patna!

  • chittimonsta

    yeah same here try again sucka

  • chittimonsta

    Aight guys I beat try again sucka check out the forums for scores and highlights

  • GURU-007

    Congrats Juice,

    Congrats Chitti,

    Let’s get it on!!! Juice.

    I heard you watched me beat Number1NICK on the podcast.
    I am free all day Sunday, Monday night or Tuesday Night.

  • chittimonsta

    Ready to see who Im playin………

  • chittimonsta

    you guys ever gonna play

  • GURU-007

    I’m waiting to hear from Juice.

    Juice are you free tonight Monday or tomorrow around 8 or 9 your time?

  • @GURU – Tonight works out well for me.
    Sorry to hold you guys back, had a very busy week and weekend, also I did not have my PS3 almost this whole week. I let my brothers borrow it So if you guys sent me messages on the PSN I will read them today.

  • Guru-007

    Lets get the TQ Bowl on Chitti. I just beat juice 17-10.