Get Rewarded For Your PSN Trophies

PS3 gamers, get ready for another TQcast Trophy contest brought to you by TQfam DOOM CMYK! The contest starts Monday September 14 2009 and will end October 5 2009. The winner of this contest will win a $50 US PSN card. Contest entries will open Monday September 7, and close September 11 at 11:59pm. This contest is only open to all registered TQforum members that have entered their PSN ID in this thread, so head on over there and register if you haven’t already.

All current TQfam on the TQcast Trophy leaderboard have automatically been added to this contest, so no need to re-post.


The PS3 gamer with the most total trophy points from September 14 to October 5 will win the $50 US PSN card.

  • Bronze Trophies= 2 points
  • Silver Trophies = 3 points
  • Gold Trophies = 5 points
  • Platinum Trophies= 10 points

    You don’t start earning till that Monday 09-14-09, we will get use your score of 09-13-09. Make sure to sync your PSN card often, or you could be eliminated.

    Check the updates here.

    Good Luck !

    Once again big thanks to TQfam Doom CMYK for hooking this up!

  • sparced

    this is flawed, all you have to do is create another account, replay the first 10 minutes of burnout, prince of persia, platinum hannah montana, sega collection. boom.

  • umm, as in you already received the trophies, but you create another account using the same saved files? It’s no wonder PURE does the same.

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  • maggo

    i think he mans that u can get all ur “easy” trophies again by creating a brand new psn account with the only purpose of entering this contest which makes snece its a pretty cheap trick… way to avoid such thing would be to put a lvl restriction ( so like only lvl 5 up or smt) and bumping the point system for silver and gold trophies and leaving bronze down below

  • ochoas08

    yeah im wit maggot im sure sum ppl may do this…u should put a level restriction like lvl4 or leave ppl in lvl 1-4 BUT that had been long TQfam n we know for sure thats there main account. for ex. I think patpreezy is less than lvl 4 but his ALLOW since we all know him n he been wit that account for a while..