TQcast Episode 78 LIVE!

TQcast EP78 LIVE!! (2:05) ” I wish my girlfriend was white”

Halo 3: ODST gameplay
Batman Arkham Asylum
PS3 3.0 good or not?
TQfam LIVE calls
TQ Madden Tourney details for this coming Monday, find out who you will be playing.
TQRaw official announcement, and details.
Jay-Z’s Blue Print 3 gets a Michela Rating from 3 TQfam.
Plus drinking, TQ drinking, and more drinking all this LIVE!

TQ would like to Thank all TQfam that came out Friday Night to watch TQ get TQd out!

Big ups to September TQfam of the month “Doom CMYK

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  • xxNEOGEOxx

    Great show guys! I’m pissed I missed the live show, but I was able to listen to the audio.

  • xxNEOGEOxx

    I can’t wait for TQRAW and the return of FILTY!!

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  • Kosamus

    AWESOME SHOW! I was in the mountains again last weekend or else I would have caught it live. Sounds like the Madden tourny is really heating up, as well as the TQ vs BMI drink off. Also, sounds like Juice has been craving some white meat lately, lol.