The world’s most notorious pirates, Patrick Pryor and Simon D.I. return for BMI VI. This episode was broadcast LIVE on Ustream and PS3 chat on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009. Preezy and SDI cover Halloween II, the Final Destination, Inglourious Basterds, Jay-Z’s the Blueprint 3, the new PS3 3.0 Firmware, the TQ vs BMI Drinking Contest, and much more. Stay Hi-Tech and Lo-Life.

the music of BMI:
Wadup Jo by Yung Truth (Produced by Pat Preezy)

  • Nah Pat don’t be saying that next time you will do a more professional show.. This had to be the best BMI yet. Pat came with it, Simon came with it. sIKK SHOW!

    One thing though Pat, don’t be saying that you got me on Marvel, because I have images of my 12-4 victory. My son beat Pat on Marvel vs Capcom.

    On the tech part of the show. The listeners wanting Linux install vids and wii hack vids, and anything hack vids. All I have to say is check this link:

    TQRaw much like it sounds, Raw and uncut !

    By the way BMI ‘ng that Rachel McAdams flick you mentioned Simon.. I love her. I pour champagne in her ears and nostrils and suck it all out.. ummm..