PS3 160GB Uncharted Bundle hits $299.99

If you have yet to pick up a PS3, you now have one more option. Sears has a PS3 160GB Uncharted Bundle for only $299.99 matching the price of the new PS3 Slim. Sony recently lowered the price of the PS3 by $100 all across, and normally this bundle would go for $399.99. This is an additional $200 savings! The choice is now a bit hard PS3 slim 120GB HDD or PS3 classic 160GB HDD with one of the best games on the PS3. hmmm…

Select in-store pick up to save on shipping, otherwise it’s $8.95

***** UPDATE***** *****It appears that Sears now has it listed as sold out**** So either the bundle flew out quickly, or Sears had a price error. Deal is Over.

***Just confirmed, that this was in fact a deal, Kmart was also price matching** Sears sold out of these bundles within minutes, whoa!!***

  • This makes it very tough to start a savings plan.

  • Damnit. The PS3 is the first console since the muli-colored “Play It Loud” Game Boys that I want to buy several of. You’re right, Desz, no money is going into the savings account this year (leaving it where it stands….at $0.1)

  • Sears is a joke

    BS. Just called Sears as it would not let me add to my shopping cart online – said it was a “website error – we will report this, sorry for your trouble” well, that does not get me a 160gb PS3 for 299.99 does it. Emailing all gaming outlets and telling them.

  • virginia

    @ above

    it’s sold out already my friend. it sold out within moments of it spreading to gamers via the internet.

  • Mr.PlayStationerrr

    this is incredible! PSN is gonna be packed with newcomers! I’m guessing over half of these new people are PS2 players that were waiting for the big moment.

  • Damn. I can’t WAIT to see the NPD of Sony’s console for the end of August and all of September. I’m not sure that you can find a PS3 in a store at the moment, can you? This is EXACTLY what Sony needed, even if they aren’t the best at business-type decisions. You’ve got to be happy if you snagged one of these for three hundo.

  • Now the ps3 price ps3 to take off too well in Turkey a world currency Arasan of the game anyway Bi reduced rates is very good.