TQcast Episode 77

TQcast Episode 77 (1:30) TQcast is back with real TQshots!

Shatter PSN Review and giveaway*
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 PSN contest winner announced*
New PSN Trophy Contest**
Microsoft attacks my Brothas again. prattttttttttt!
PS3 slim selling like TQshots in a drinking contest
First PS3 3D game revealed.
Ghostbusters PS3 Resolution up to par now.
New Snow Leopard
Madden 2010 impressions
Call of Juarez Demo impressions 360
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • Fergal aka snookerman

    Nice cast Tq and Juice as aways.
    I would like to Shatter my piece of shit TV.

  • Another fun show- do I even need to state that anymore? So, I know you guys are sweating my trophycard, but fear not- with editing a show and writing all these OP/ED pieces recently, I have no time to play games! I’ll never so much as sniff that $20 PSN card. Anyway, JUiCE- Batman is incredible so far. If you are a completionist, there is a TON of gameplay for $60 and that’s what I was worried about. Don’t even take a second thought- grab it. Big ups to Doom_CMYK as well- great addition to the Fam. Until next week, fellas.


    Again I thank you for the Uncharted 2 shirt. That thing has gotten me LAID! I met this hot gamer girl and she was all about the uncharted swag I had on, one thing led to another and lets just say I went to the Uncharted regions of her. how about hooking me up with another prize. Myslefm and Her listen to the podcast, and then we well yknow. Just wanted to say That I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thank you for helping to get me Laid.

  • ooohhhwwweee! Another amazing show from my West Coast Brothas! *Desz, I agree with your prediction about the integrated Wifi in a future 360 Console. Unfortunately I am one of the suckers who paid $100 for the Wifi “Chingaderita” 🙁
    *Rihanna’s forehead has definitely stopped her from being in my celebrity fantasies….
    *I agree 1000000% with Shatter being game of the week, and I’ve said this before- Shatter is in the running for being game of the year for me.
    *I will try my HARDEST to have a BMI LINK for the Blueprint 3 on BMI VI this coming Wednesday (I held out a bit in order to get that to the TQ Community)
    *Finally, guys, Pat and I await your response video to BMI TV 3, but let’s just say that if you guys think that what you saw was the extent of how far we will go to win, you are mistaken, vatosssssss! This is going to be epic, and I will say that only TQ and BMI can have a battle of this magnitude. Also, the “PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW” baby shots sound was the funniest shit I ever heard!
    *TQ+BMI=Familia 4 Vida

  • bigmangriff

    Another pimpin’ cast. Thanks for the shout out! You know I will support TQ til the day I die. I would love to come out for a live show some time, if you would have me. Looking to get a slim this weekend, update to come on how that goes. If I don’t I may need someones RROD’ed 360 to SHATTER!

  • Great show once again. WOW @ “pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew”. I guess another video is needed

  • Kosamus

    Great ep for me to return to work with. Shatter is probably my most go to game on psn at the moment. Well unless any TQ fam has a Marvel vs Capcom challenge or im in the mood for some Fat Princess. Other than that, TQ shot to all the new TQ fam. ugghhhhhh

  • ochoas08

    Man thanks for las mananitas…tqfam 4ever!!!
    Good TQshots(not BMIshots) to Doom for holdin it down with the contest.
    For the Madden tournament im winning wit the Bears!..i havent got the game on the ps3 but im get it for the tournament..
    Shatter is krazy good at 1st im like wtf is this but i really got into it..
    Man i been hearin the same on batman game so im get it bmi..
    pew pew pew pew pew…that shit was funny…good show like always cant wait till next week!

  • Jimsson

    Great show guys! I too want to shatter my piece of shit tv! (28″ CRT = CRAP) i need $$(or €€ xD)!

  • kratosoprano

    Good show guys,once again. Way to Shatter the compation, no other gaming podcast is a cool or as gangster as TQcast. Keep it BMi and never stop drinking.PPPPEEEAAAACCEEE!

  • FnA

    Great show.

    I want to SHATTER Juice for no package still.

    I think Juice needs to comp me something, or BAM! Shatter time!


    Keep up the great shows.