PS3 Slim Now Available At Best Buy Too!

That’s right TQFAM! Not only is the “Slim” now available at Gamestop, but also at Best Buy’s all over! Check out the Pic below from my good “Parce” Neco a.k.a Gio. The “Slim” is invading stores across the country, and like stated on this post, the first TQFam with a picture or video gets a TQPrize!

  • brk

    i am getting one on september 1 can’t waittt

    for uncharted 2 too

  • I would do Best Buy just for the rewards. I like those $5 dollar Best Buy coupons every once in a while.

  • kratosoprano

    im getting this after that little thing called “the rent” passes and then its mine.

  • @Krato email me at …. I got a prize for you G!