If you had any doubt that BMI can hang with Desz and Juice in an all-out Tequila Drinking Contest, this video will convince you otherwise. Check more of BMI videos at

  • Good video BMI

    TQfam, can anybody say NyQuil shots??


    We gonna show you what real TQ shots look like.

    TQfammm stay tuned….


    you guys call those “shot glasses”???

  • lol @juice yours is funnier…lol!!!!

  • ochoas08

    yooo Desz and Juice ya right those are baby but hey they did drank half the propz for simon and pat preezy..good video too..that shit waz funny ass hell..until i see a Tqcast preview im still down wit my vote for BMI representin the chi!!!..

  • Daaaaaamn, that’s BOGUS but somewhat true, playas! We picked up a 20-pack of plastic shot glasses at the dollar store, so that’s what they are. They pretty much ARE the same size as those NyQuil ones, but as Ochoas said himself, look at the bottle afterwards! We didn’t even scrape the surface of what we drank before and after the video….but it’s okay….just know that we are prepared, baby!

  • This video should be renamed to “Baby Shots Heard Around The House”


  • hardy har har. I know we will win

  • Shrop89

    Ay them baby shots got them lookin hella Faded tho so i wonder how its gonna go down wit some full Shots glasses , But as a felow Black man Pat Preezy Gota throw down . But ether way this fints to be hilarious. HaHA

  • I gotta admit that Simon is a finesse drunk dude.

  • Denoch

    That shit was funny, i dont know you sounded funnier when faded, Pat or Juice. Ten nitequil shots was very impressive!

  • Jae Vicious

    Hahahaha, That shit was hillarious… Preezy was dusted and disgusted off them 10 shots chased w/ monarch rum and safeway cola….hahaha…. Good shit fellas another solid episode of black market TV… BMI looking like they might do some damage in the drink off…