5 Reasons to Buy a Second PS3

With the recent announcement of the PS3 price drops, and already rapidly increasing PS3 sales, how many of those sales were to already PS3 owners? A list of these statistics may not exists, and frankly Sony wouldn’t really care for these numbers, as long as the PS3’s are selling. But if we were keeping track of these numbers, it would be quite interesting to see exactly why current PS3 owners are buying another PS3. Here are TQcast’s top 5 reasons to buy a PS3 a second time around.

5. Give it as a Gift
With the new $100 price drop; it has become financially easier to buy a PS3. And what better way to reward your son, daughter, father, mother, uncle, aunt, than with a state of the art electronic that has it all. The PS3 would accommodate virtually anybody that loves movies, games, photo collection, and friends.

4. No More PS3 movement
If you are and older gamer, you will understand this one. How many times has it happened that your wife or girl wants to watch something on the main TV set (where the PS3 is hooked up), and you don’t feel like watching the same thing? Well now you don’t have to sit upstairs watching cable. You can now hook up your new PS3 and do anything, from watching a Blu-Ray, to continuing on your MGS4 campaign.

But that’s not all. Now your girl wants to watch a movie in the bedroom before going to bed, but your main media player is the PS3. NO MORE PS3 Relocating! “No problem baby, the PS3 slim is hooked up upstairs”. The PS3 has the ability to stream movies, music, pictures from anywhere around the house, as long as you have wireless connectivity provided for your wireless ready PS3. So now you can stream any movie, album, or even pictures from the comfort of you bedroom, living room, basement, or even garage, without having to relocate.

3. Game Sharing
Yes the PS3 has the capability to share PSN games with 4 other PS3 consoles. This makes it easy to
share games you have purchased from the PSN store with your brand new PS3, and enjoy them anywhere around the house or office by re-downloading them to the new console.

2.  New price all around
Sony has officially lowered the price of the PS3 all around by $100. This means, that you can pick up an original model 80GB PS3 for $299.99, a 160GB model for $399.99, and of course the new PS3 slim for
$299.99. There are even bundle deals starting to surface, such as this one by Sam’s Club that offer a game, and a Blu-Ray included. The best console at only $50 more than a Wii. How can you not pull the trigger again?

1.  PS3 Slim
A new PS3 Slim model will hit store shelves starting September 1st, that is not only cooler, uses less power, weights about 4 pounds lighter, has a 120GB hard drive, but it is also $100 cheaper. At $299.99 with a new look. Not only will you be helping the environment with a new PS3 slim, but you will do it, in style.

Will you be buying a second PS3? For what reasons?

  • rob

    i want to upgrade eventually, but i wont be able to afford it for a while. looks real nice though

  • Guy

    Tempting. Very much so… 🙂

  • Sniper430

    agreed on game sharing being one of the best things, the only reasons 3 of my friends get dlc is because of me; mooches 😛 at least there offering to pay for all of the fallout dlc…

  • label

    Riiiiiggghhhttt… is this not just a blatant attempt to advertise sony’s playstation 3? Not many people can actually afford a second PS3 even at the lower price, and why would you want to anyway? None of those reasons above justify buying a second one, how does a new price merit another purchase? You would be getting a slightly smaller ps3 which depending on who you are, may or may not look nicer, and you will be losing backwards playback with PS2 games.
    Make no mistake i’ve got a ps3 but I am just struggling to wonder why you would buy a second one….

  • Snoop Dogg

    Some not bad reasons except it would be inconvenient to keep moving game saves. plus no one really needs TWO ps3s right??? if I had the money to blow id just buy some more games if i wanted to spend it on gaming

  • mookmookie

    im looking forward to the slim because of reason #4 but also because of the bravia sync with my tv. but will wait for a silver variation. also would be nice if they do bundles or the 5 free blue ray deals again.

  • stvw74

    mate, use the money that u’d spend on a nu PS3 on finding a nu girl .. especially if she’s making u switch the thing off to watch some BS teevee .. riddance to her

  • Ash

    If every single ps3 owner buys a second, the ps3 will surpass the wii’s sales!

  • Onlineatron

    Moving to Uni next year so I need a new one by then. I’m waiting for an awesome bundle to be released!

  • already pre-ordered

  • @Ash actually the PS3 would be in second. The wii is beating it by more than half. check it http://www.vgchartz.com/

  • PBR

    Does this mean I should buy a fourth one? mmmmmm……

  • Mid 30’s With Bills 2 Pay

    I paid full price for my 80GB launch PS3, my girlfriend was very much against such an expensive purchase (she felt this way until finding out about it’s multi media & web browsing capabilities.) Now that the price drop is a reality, she wants one for herself. I know X Box owners that want to switch over to the PS3 after coming to my home and playing on it. I can only speak from personal expreience, and in my circle, I see people excited about getting a PS3 now.

  • Kosamus

    Come on! That’s like a 360 owner buying more than one 360. Opps, sorry. Too easy. Maybe Sony should just release a firmware that bricks all PS3’s so everyone buys a slim, lol. I still can’t believe people buy up to 6 xbox 360s because they all freaking BROKE! Sometimes gamers are idiots.

  • Number might be the only reason on this list. Honestly, this is a terrible list. If people buy it based off of this list (5-2) then they are not the smartest.

  • mookmookie

    but my wife is the one who “wears the pants in the house” and the reason I have a PS3 in the first place. so i cant complain too much.

    besides she’s the one who suggested getting the slim, the conversation went somthing like – “you would’t have to move it around, and besides it’s kind of cute” wife. “well…ok honey, i didnt even think of that”, (twist my arm) lol

    @Kosamus- “Come on! That’s like….” ZING!!!! I cannot believe it either. It shows how much common sense/stupidity people have. I just got done reading the “Hello Mr. 54% failure rate, why do I love you?” artical. The best he could come up with is Xbox Live. So he loves to get RROD not only so he can spend xxx.xx on a new system but mainly because he wants to pay and extra $50 a yr to do it. Lame! I wont be going to gorillajumpers.com again, sounds like some real winners are running that site!

  • Jae Vicious

    One Is good enough for me, I hardly play it anyway… Its my Bluray player for the bedroom. That controller kicks my a$$, I cant fade playing with it for longer than 30min.

  • 619jedi

    Man don’t forget the new slim actually bitstreams DTS HD, and Dolby True HD…..whaaaattttttttttttt!

  • jeff

    I am buying another PS3
    getting a slim when they come out, Im getting one for work, so I can play on the job, its good to be the boss……..

  • Yo, this will be my 3rd PS3!!! I bought my first when they launched, the 2nd when Sony offered the $100 off through their credit card, and now this one (PS3 Slim) as soon as it was announced at Gamescon.

    I’ve also convinced my Father, Father-In-Law, and both of my Borther-In-Laws to buy the PS3. It’s such an awesome machine I just can’t see anyone passing this thing up!

  • YoungLover

    Are you serious?? I wish I had money to buy another. Well at least I can keep dreaming and wishing I find a man to buy me one.


    I agree with you, I’ll marry you @Younglover.

  • it seems that niggerlover doesn’t have a PS3 to begin with so I’ll show him pity.

    and “GAMER4LIFE” you’re welcome….come back soon

  • @niggerlover now known as @Younglover and I believe @GAMER4LIFE will marry you. Idiot, next time you try to comment with different names I will send a remote shut down to your PC kidd.

    use the time to save your allowance for A real console, instead of wasting it double commenting your self pity.


    Thank You come again!

  • rack

    These may be the absolute dumbest reasons I’ve ever seen to buy another console.

  • Now that I have this beautiful 24′ 1080p HDMI LCD HD Monitor, I NEED to pick up that slim for the bedroom. These are all great reasons, and look, sometimes you wanna sit 10 feet away on your couch, lounging and playing some Burnout or watching something on your media server, but sometimes you wanna sit 1 foot away playing Call of Duty or SOCOM on your computer monitor. All this PLUS the fact that I hate unplugging, moving and replugging anything (let alone my $500 PS3) makes this purchase VERY likely. Also, I will definitely pick one up for my dad, as he loves Bluray flicks.

  • It will be the 3rd for me

    I have a first gen PS3 with a 500 gig HDD in it , My bro has a second gen PS3 with a 320 gig HDD in it. And now my dad saw this and was going to get a blu-ray player but we showed him how much more you can do with a PS3 then a Blu-ray player. nothing like playing battlefield 1943 against my bro in the same house in different rooms LOL now we’re going to have a 3rd one to add to the mix LOL