Dasetup Episode 12

So who’s setup is better than Simon D.I’s BMI setup? That is exactly what Simon wants to know. BMI young Boss shows off everything from his HDTV’s, PS3, 360, Wii, party couches, to his massive BMI library, all while drinking a glass of fine wine. This episode was not supposed to be released till September, but its BMI, you are getting an exclusive look, of what everybody else will be watching come September 1 from their new Slim.

  • xxNEOGEOxx

    Nice! So far the best I’ve seen.

  • Kosamus

    Now that was an intense setup. Seems like you got everything you need for your BMI needs. ITS OVER 47,000!

  • Joe

    lmao nice setup but what were you wearing halfway threw it looked like a controller was on your hand

  • BMI is in the building! It was about time BMI featured a setup. I loved the background music, and that slick shades trick.

    lol @ the wii in the back.

    That Acer 24″ huh? I picked up the Acer H233H 23″ 1080p the following week. I love it. I think the have have similar specs. This is the screen I use to beat Pat in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

    Great job Simon!

    It’s Pat’s turn! Where’s your setup Pat?


  • WOW! I HAVE to give it the “Best Presentation” Award! This was very well presented, I must say i felt very calm and relaxed while watching this EP. Nice setup Simon, now it’s Pat’s turn!

  • Thanks for the love, folks! NeoGeo, I appreciate that, bro! Kosamus, you’re right, man, it’s definitely a BMIing Powerhouse, but I still love YOUR setup the most! Especially the room with that nice Mac in it! (I’m a fan of darkly lit rooms!) Joe, you’re right, that was a controller, it’s the Nintendo Power Glove from back in the early 90’s. It was trying to be the Wiimote back before that technology actually worked! Desz, we literally have the exact same monitor, with one inch difference, No Homo (Copyright PatPreezy 2009). You’ve got to admit, blurays look straight up boner-tastic on that screen! And Juice, I appreciate the “Best Presentation Award” playa! And you’re right about the relaxing part, my lady and I try and keep the place very chilled out and clutter-free, you feel me? Anyways, I can’t wait for Dasetup #13!