PS3 Slim September Yes $299.99

The PS3 Slim will have a 120GB hard drive, will consume 34% less power and will be 32% smaller. Oh, and the price? $299! That’s €299, $299 US, and ¥29,980.

slim front

Pre order at Amazon today.

As for the existing PS3s out there in the retail channels, there’s a price drop coming tomorrow

Source live chat and sounds of Kotaku and Joystiq

ps3 cmparison



  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    OH…HELL…YES! Where’s my plastic at? Ring this baby up. Can’t wait to see the actual pictures.

  • Real pic above, but not close up. All I have to say is I told you so00…

    And Ill try to BMI some close up pics soon.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    WAIT A FREAKIN MINUTE? 120 GB HD? Is that a misprint Desz?

    That can’t be right? Smaller console…bigger hard drive? I have 250 in my fat PS3 right here. Hmmm…with such impressive stats, I could be convinced to buy two of these.

  • Yeahhhhhhhhh, baby! TQ on point again with the predictions! Good shit, Desz!

    I may buy one for my pops now. He was always impressed by the system, but $400 was too much for a gift….

  • Yeah I’m definitely copping this in a few weeks.

  • I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but Juice is very quite right now.. hehe Can’t wait for my kojUMBO TQshot for him tonight!!!!

  • hahaha WOW WOW WOW!!!!! @Desz… my bday is next month G!!

    btw, here are the REAL OFFICIAL PICS!

  • Siggy

    Finally, the industry’s worst kept secret revealed. I like the new price and the new PS3 is definitely slimmer but for some reason I’m not digging the redesign. If you give it to me in new colors then I might change my mind.

  • ochoas08

    damn good price..but im not feeling the design it looks too simple..they shouldve added sum shine and chrome like the fat one..idk but i dont like the looks. but it sure is a deal for newcomers..

  • I really don’t care about how it looks. I been carrying my PS3 back and forth , upstairs, downstairs, master bedroom, living room,office, this console even at the 399.99 price I bought it for, has been the buy of the century for me……I take it back my fleshlight has come in handy many times as well, and I too use it in different parts of the house, so second to the flesh light I say the PS3 is the best buy I have made in a while.

  • Kosamus

    The worst kept secrets are always in Sony’s ballpark. I knew TQ was on the right track with the Slim. The design and layout looks much better than the thai bootleg version and some of the other concepts out there. They really should hook this version up with a headset of some kind. Even if its wired into the usb slot on the Dualshock. If they release a gunmetal version, they shall have my cash.

  • Maggot

    HEEEL yeah thats wut ive been waiting for…. im picking this up no matter what…i kinda want to wait for bunddle but damn im exited i could pick it up right now hahaha

  • ViperX2

    Nice to see a price drop. I think the new design looks stupid other than it being smaller, which is always nice. Yo, when we having Fat Princess gaming night?

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Actually now that I think about it. I remember Desz saying that this wasn’t the PS3 Slim. He thought it was fake. You remember that video of a shaking camera and the console in the picture.

    Yeah…it was this console. Desz said he thought it was fake. I recant my TQ Shot sir!

  • whoa whoaaaa…I said the model would be different, but I still said before nov and 299.99

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