TQcast Episode 75

TQcast Episode 75 (1:23) TQcast is back with another episode of the world class West Coast Cast that never stops drinking……lies Juice is sober..And Desz loves Lady Gaga’s man-GO!

JUiCE is once again sober……
PS3 Slim will be $299.99 says Desz
EA is no longer the Evil Army…And not just because Desz flew out there.
$10 PSN cards are coming!
A Paid for PSN membership?
Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Impressions
What system will we get Madden for?
And Lady Gaga could be a man, but Desz still loves her..him, WTF?
TQGame Night August 19th 7:00pm PST
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • Kosamus

    Great cast as usual guys. True on that fact that a sober Juice is a quiet Juice. You can tell when he drinks, he gets all compassionate about gaming. Good luck on that Platinum btw, I hope to achieve one of my own some day.

    The Batman demo actually captured my attention now. It sucked me with the graphics the way Bioshock did. I probably won’t buy it, but a must play eventually. I can imagine grappling from gargoyle to gargoyle getting old quick. Besides, how many ways can Batman take someone out? Guess i’ll have to wait to see.

    TQshot to Lady Gaga for not tucking her shlong into her belt during live performances in a tiny skirt. (shudders).

  • OK, first of all I have to agree with Desz that…”I’d still hit it.” The line in her new song that says “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” is a little more disturbing now, but shiiiiiiit, she’s still fine 😉

    Anyways, amazing show as usual, and to Denoch: “You can log into my PSN anytime and get a few platinums for me, playa!”

    I would get on Juice about not drinking, but Pat and I are recording BMI tonight….and I’m afraid that I may not have any liquor in the BMI-HQ!!!

    Anyways, keep up the GREAT work, hermanos, and on the behalf of Pat Preezy and myself, THANK YOU, Desz and Juice for making BMI the first Podcast to be part of the OFFICIAL TQ FAM! *brrrrrrrrrrrrraP!* *rat-tat-tat-tat-tat!* ooohhhwwweee!!

  • Another fun show- lemme just say that my PS1 would only work at a 45 degree angle! That bitch was busted up. Also, Desz- why do you think the circus charges those fees? “Ooooohhh, daddy! Can I have a $250 stuffed elephant? It looks just like the ones we saw!” Daddy is a softie, and BOOM! Wallet opened. Now- lemme squash all this Platinum disappointment. If JUiCE was playing Desz’s PS3 at his house and unlocks a trophy, there’s no reason to give it back, right? I WOULD HAVE THREW THE FUCKING PS3 INTO THE FUCKING WALL IF I PLAYED THAT ONCE MORE. Denoch saved me $500 worth of replacement cash. I changed my password so he could log and now returned it to it’s original state. Whew! Ok, all that’s left is JUiCE- Sweeney Todd is freaking incredible. Depp supposedly had to vocally train hard for the role. What a role it was. Keep up the good work.

  • I’ve already left a comment- I know, I know. But, I just wanted to add that I hopped right on that m0deAl of God of War: Chains of Olympus for $10 from CAG. With shipping, a brand-new, sealed copy for a whopping total of $12.98!

  • xxNEOGEOxx

    Good show guys! and yes Desz is full of himself.lol Oh, and I don’t have the Marvel vs Capcom game but I heard it was really good.