5 Reasons Why PSN Exclusive Games Win

Both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 offer great exclusive arcade games that could have you playing for hours without dropping $60 of your hard earned money. Lately, it has been noticeably clear which console has been delivering top notch arcade games that feel well made, complete, and well worth the money. Check out the top five list of PSN games that have made the PS3 that much more valuable while keeping it under $20 or even $10.

5. Magic Ball:– A ripping fun stylized 3D game filled with 48 different levels of brick breaking, castle crashing, power ups with a pirate and knight themed experience. Magic Ball best played with another person through the PSN or sitting next to you. Price $9.99

4. Pixel Junk Monsters: – Quite possibly the most addicting tower defense game you could ever play. Enough Said. $9.99

3. Flower: – The perfect getaway from shooters and typical games with beautiful music and gorgeous graphics. You start as a flower and reminisce on what being a flower is. Each flower/level has a different environment and your job is to make it beautiful again. The most accurate SIXAXIS controls yet. Forget about therapy appointments, buy Flower instead. Price $9.99 Flower Review

2. Wipeout HD: – A fast, beautiful looking 1080p racing game that will have you challenging drivers for days. You pilot an anti-gravity craft, selected from one of several teams and, depending on the game mode, you compete using speed and weaponry in an attempt to beat the competition. Did we mention 1080p at 60fps? Price $19.99 well worth the buy.

1. Fat Princess: – Humor is an understatement when it comes to Fat Princess. You have to feed the Princess cake to make her fat! Yes, the game is tons of fun, and laughter, but let’s not forget that you are playing for the glory, and team work and skill is a must in order to come out on top. Fat Princess is primarily a one to thirty-two multiplayer game with the basic goal of collecting the Princess, bringing her back to the team’s base, and then protecting her. The players collect food for the enemy’s princess which makes her heavier and therefore harder to carry. The game contains five character classes (The Worker, The Mage, The Archer, The Priest, and The Warrior). Priced at $14.99 you are getting a strait mO DeAl!

What PSN games do you think should be on this top 5 list?

  • joe


    1.Splosion Man
    2.Trails HD
    3.Shadow Complex
    4.Geometry Wars 2
    5.REZ HD’

    5 games that top those game and outscore them.

    People know which console has been delivering top notch arcade games…xbox 360..hands down.

  • joe

    Pixel Junk Monster- 83
    Fat Princess-79
    Wipeout HD- 87
    Magic Ball – 66

    REZ HD-89
    Geometry wars 2- 90
    Trials HD -89
    Splosion Man-84
    Secret of Monket Island -87
    Worms 2-84
    Rocket Riot-80

    and Shadow Complex still too come…lol too easy

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Wow Joe? Seriously. No disrespect man but scores mean squat especially when there’s so much Pro-360 crap going around.

    I had both systems and by far, the PSN games blow everything the Xbox Live Arcade offers away.

    Creativity, fun factor, and straight up quality are all on this PSN side here.

    I’ve never heard of most of the games in your list for the Xbox Arcade. Where the hell is Uno btw?

    I agree with Desz on this one. We didn’t mention Shatter, SuperStar Dust HD, Zen Pinball, or Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic!

    Come on man…no contest here. PSN wins hands down.

  • MrNorthernMan

    TheL1T1G4T0R speaks the word of god, i have both systems and i do feel that the PSN has the upperhand.

  • good article, i agree with it.

    Honorable mentions are Super Stardust HD, Crash Commando, Burn Zombie Burn! and my personal favorite (of what i have) is SuperSonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars, lol i love the name.

    Lets also not forget Braid, Uno, and Castle Crashers are coming to the PSN!

  • Andrew

    LOL, Magic Ball?????

    Shatter > Magic Ball.

    @Joe (post 1) how can you sat Shadow Complex when IT ISNT EVEN OUT YET

  • Nul

    Because he’s desperate to prove a point.

    Apart from the games that aren’t out and a couple of okay games, he uses a few VERY old titles that have since been trumped 10 times over.

    Got nothing new? Blame MS restricting the number of devs who can release on XBLA.

  • packeroprah

    Joe, go fucking kill yourself. you got all of those scores from a biased xbox site. you know it. if we went to a ps3 biased site, your scores for the games would be in the 90’s, and the xbox scores would be in the lower 80’s-70’s. those games are older than my ps2. come on man. and you cant say a game is awesome before it comes out. look at halo wars. that game was a disgrace to everything. so shut up. sony rapes the competition with the arcade games!

  • Ash

    Worms and Monkey Island aren’t Xbla exclusives. Plus, almost all Xbla titles are just overpriced flash games. (except lost and damned). Psn’s are small segments of full high quality games.
    Plus, these aren’t the best psn games. The list Joe made are the Only good games. These are just the average Psn titles. Wait till you see the better stuff.

  • jimjim

    the xbla games you name are all really old games that are old experiences and are not fresh at all. games ported fromold consoles and 1995 pc dont count in a good games categlory becuase everyone already played the heck out of them. psn offers new games, variety, innnovation freshness quality etc also they give you your moneys worth as well.

  • Gregor

    What about super rub a dub?!

    ratchet and clank quest for booty?

  • Chey

    I’m disappointed to see that Super Stardust HD isn’t on this list, it’s my hands down favorite PSN title. Actually, with the exceptions of Skate 2 and The Show 09, it might be my most played PSN title ever.

  • Chey

    Excuse me, I mean most played PS3 title ever.

  • Kosamus

    So can we expect a list of the 5 worst PSN titles we should avoid now that our guard is down?

  • JAY

    I think there are great games in both PSN and XBL, my favorites for now are in XBL, Braid, GeoWar2, castle crashers and uno, but most of those are coming to PSN. I think I’m lucky by owning all three consoles and having no favorites!!!!

  • JQQQ

    My friend has a 360 and he has played lots of my PSN games and een he says i wish live XBLA had games like this.
    My top favorite games:

    Pixel Junk Eden
    Pixel Junk Monsters
    Rag doll kung fu
    Superstardust HD
    Crash Commando
    Fat Princess (awesome)
    Warhawk (awesome, good price too)
    Wipeout HD
    Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
    Everyday Shooter
    Punisher No mercy
    Blast Factor
    And many other good ones these are the ones I have played and I own most of them.
    Playstation Classics are awesome to Castlevania: Symphony of the night alone blows away anything offered on XBLA.

  • Kosamus

    FINAL FANTASY VII is perhaps the best download for the price though, and you can stream to your PSP. Who wouldn’t want to drop policies to One Winged Angel.

  • mik

    Not only is Wipeout HD a steal at $19.99, the Fury expansion pack basically doubles the size of the game for another $10. That’s a whole lot of incredible racing for half the price of a boxed retail game.

  • Swiller

    Let’s face it, there are great arcade games on both platforms. I do agree that psn is more compelling to me right now. In general seem more creative too.
    I’m digging shatter and trash panic right now. Cheap too.
    Also super stardust had to make this list!! Doh!

  • These games still hold strong today! That’s not to say there aren’t any good games on XBLA, but the PSN is definitely a contender.