EA is no Longer the Evil Army

Over the last few years, EA has delivered quality titles by listening to consumers and embracing the digital age. However, some gamers think EA’s reputation is beyond repair.

The exclusive NFL license, the rumored acquisition of other developers, and questionable DLC has done little to endear the company to gamers in general. In fact, many gamers even boycotted titles such as Madden after being fed up with buying games for a roster update and a few trivial changes or features.

Sure we would all like to see annual roster updates and game play patches as DLC instead of buying a brand new disc, but it appears that EA is making progress in that direction.

Burnout Paradise is the biggest testament to this EA evolution. We were granted numerous free updates and some DLC for purchase that was actually worth it. Big Surf Island, Cops N’ Robbers, and the new cars added extra depth to the game and in most cases brought us new experiences.

The annual sports titles these days actually seem to justify their purchase with incredible leaps in game play. The “Be A Pro” mode was added to all of their sports titles. The Need for Speed series has evolved and grew so much it actually warrants several different titles now. EA has even managed to bring us Xbox Live Arcade and PSN titles like Battlefield 1943 and NHL Arcade 3 on 3. They even patch games according to gamer feedback like Fight Night Round 4 with a free button layout update.

With Madden 2010 coming out this Friday, it’s time we stop complaining about “cheating” DLC we don’t have to buy. At least they give us options. It is time we actually speak with our actions instead of just our words. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It is time we appreciate EA for who they are…Electronic Arts, one of the most diverse and generous companies in the gaming industry.

  • Great Article Litigator! Very True, EA has completely turned things around. They are listening to the community, and big ups to the whole Alain Quinto team, he has also proved what community is all about. EA has even gone out of their way to bring the community to them, so we can tell them what they need to fix, or enhance. Amen brother, Amen!

    By the way, Madden Friday G!

  • L1T1G4T0R, my friend, you are EXACTLY right. That moniker now belongs to Activision and the shit crown that comes along with it now belongs to that scum-sucking son-of-a-bitch Bobby Kotick. Dead Space was the real turning point, in my opinion, restoring EA to at least some of it’s former glory. If you recall, Burnout Paradise released to somewhat lukewarm critical skepticism. But here, more than a year later, we look upon it fondly, and in some cases, consider it as one of the gems of this generation. Great article and keep up the good work.

  • Carl

    I still wouldn’t call them “one of the most generous companies in the gaming industry”. But they definitely has improved compared to a few years ago, and they deserve props for that. Now make an article on how Activision took the role of EA 😉

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    LoL. My good friend jsslifelike has several articles testifying to just that.

    The only reason I feel they’re generous is because they put out so much stuff…even if we do have to pay for it. Some companies don’t bother to patch or create DLC. EA cruises through their forums and gathers opinions from the hardcore fans. They bring in gaming journalist like our very own Desz to get a better feel on what they’re creating. They give us experiences and opportunities that usually are only offered by the console developers themselves.

    I do detest Mr. Kotex. He’s exactly the reason the world is so much turmoil right now. I may revisit the issue of Activision later though. It seems that the Gamesmen and many other blogs have that covered at them moment.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Dang…I need to read before hitting that comment button. LoL

  • Kosamus

    EA has improved a tiny bit over their monopolizing selves of the past. I wouldn’t say they havn’t completely reinvented themselves yet. Sure, they put out Mirrors Edge, Skate, Spore and Dead Space as terrific new ip’s, but we already know these are going to be re-released and re-released and re-released with very little improvements year after year trying to coin in on those mechanics. If anything, they are a lesser evil than Activision, but far from PURE. Don’t drop your guard yet, I still see that EA has the worst excuses for DLC thus far for download.

    I do agree that they are making progress, but so is the economy. Either way – just pray it doesn’t get worst on both fronts.

  • Professor Science

    So one of your writers gets invited to take the EA tour and now you guys are writing articles praising them? EA have marginally improved their practices over the last two years. Providing DLC that you have to buy is hardly generous. Providing it for free, like Valva often do, would be generous.

  • what the hell is a “Valva”?

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I guess he means Valve. The facts speak for themselves. The games are better and there’s plenty of DLC. EA didn’t bring me into their camp but I still realize that they did this for a reason. They want to know EXACTLY what gamers want. Maybe it is Peter Moore’s influence but I feel more confident when I buy their games now.

    Professor, go listen to Desz’s opinions on Fight Night Round 4. There was no butt kissing. He told it like it was. It was an alright game with some flaws and many of us still prefer UFC 2009.

    Bottom line here…EA is listening to us. That’s progress.