Fat Princess Network Fix On Its Way

Fat Princess was a hit before it was even released, and it definitely lived up to all the hype, minus the frustrating network issues that have been the bug focal point with Fat Princess. During the beta, the network issues were clearly a problem, and although it appeared on the first day of release that Fat Princess was running smoothly, it was quickly discovered and invaded my many PS3 gamers. Titan Studios has recently updated their blog with some great news, that should put a sugar fix on our Fat Princess game time soon.

Known Issues, Bugs, Imbalances

The following bugs and imbalances have been well reported and documented. In general, there is no need to send additional information. If you come across something new – please send it on.

* Failed Game Connections
* Lag
* Hosting Problems
* AoE Scoring Exploits
* Stalemates
* Missing Princess (on certain levels)
* Dead Hat Machines
* Scoreboard Issues (only top 1000 scores shown)
* Ranking System Problems

Balancing, Feature Requests, Other Comments

We have also received hundreds of great suggestions, some of which will directly result in changes to the game at some point down the road. Among those that have been well documented:

* Changes to Ranking System
* Changes to Scoring System
* Stalemate Breakers (e.g. – Finite Cake, Slim Fast Princess)
* Server Lists
* Clan Management
* Hosted Servers
* Class Balance
* More Classes
* More Class Upgrades
* More Maps
* More Modes
* More Sports
* Even Fatter Princesses
* Unbelievably Fat Gargantuan Princesses

Titan studios will also have some cool stuff to offer in the near future, including FAQ’s page, and tips and tricks section.

  • Kosamus

    Simon and I had so much trouble getting into and staying in a game last night. I think we may have to hold off on a Fat Princess game night till “HOSTING” is added to the game. You can’t even start a party with friends and start a game. You have to (Hopefully) get into a game and then your friends have join your game afterward. So troublesome.

  • Yes, yesterday’s experience with Kosamus (when he WASN’T turning me into a chicken) was rough, as we both got kicked from a game, and I had trouble joining him to begin with. But I will have a better impression when this is fixed.
    (Thanks again to Kosamus for the BMI hookup)

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