The latest Black Market International Video is now live. BMI TV 2, with TQfam Simon DI and Pat Preezy, enjoy! Check out BMI’s podcast and more videos at

  • Donde esta la yeska?

  • Hahaha, I won’t speak for Preezy, but I stick to Hookah and Black & Milds, compa! 😉

    Thanks for showing love with throwing this on the front page, brother. TQ+BMI what whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

  • Pat Preezy

    No sé de qué está hablando Desz

  • Kosamus

    Good to see BMI getting some frontpage love. Just checked out the latest ep. Seeing those old school games makes me want to pull out some classics. Didn’t look too horribe in HD either. Girl knows here Sheesh.