GhostBusters Blu-Ray Says NO To BMI

I was this close to buying the Ghostbusters Blu-Ray a few weeks ago when Amazon had it for $9.99, but I just couldn’t do it yet, so I started in search for a good BMI copy. I started drinking a bit, and totally forgot about the BMI, and now a few days later Amazon says no to my BMI. Amazon has slashed the price yet another buck. This is what I’m taking about, bring them Blu prices down people! And if that is not enough, I read up on one of our favorite site’s Blu-Ray review section High-Def Digest, And they gave it a Highly recommended, with the HD quality doing surprisingly well. If only all Blu-Rays were marked down as often as Ghostbusters has. And by the way this Blu-Ray is retailed for $38.99, that’s a 30 dollar mO DeAl!

Amazon has Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray for $13 – $5 code GHOSTBLU = $8. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime or if you spend $25 or more.

  • This is an amazing deal! See, this is what we need more of these days. I would GLADLY buy every movie I was even remotely interested in if I could get a Bluray for $10. I know that nobody would make any money if that were the case, but $25-$30 is a practically a price tag that says in fine print: “Please BMI me instead.”

    Good find, Desz!

  • Kosamus

    Too late for me, its wonderful 720p HD glory is already BMI’d along with the sequel.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I rarely buy anything over $20 but I’m sure looking at that imported Canadian copy of Blade. I’ve been waiting forever for that movie!

    Anyway, I may have to consider picking them both up together now.