Color Of The Dual Shock 3 Says Alot About The Gamer

With Sony’s recent announcement of the new Deep Red and Metallic Blue Dual shock 3 controllers in October, what is the true reason for releasing different colors for the dual shock 3? Obviously companies try to connect with the consumer in every way possible, and releasing different colored products is sure to attract many more. As gamers, why do we go out and purchase a different colored controller? What does the color of the dual shock 3 truly represent? Believe it or not, the choice of color of the dual shock 3 can truly describe the gamer.

Let’s start off with the classic Black Dual Shock 3:

Using a Black Dual Shock 3 controller:

The Gamer likes his accessories to look original (OG), with humbled style, laid back, casual gamer, elegant, confident, and faithful.

Using a white Dual Shock 3 controller:

The Gamer is likely stylish, hardcore gamer, collector, unique, artistic, clean, an early bird.

Using a silver Dual Shock 3 controller:

The Gamer is likely a collector, comes in second most of the time, favorite color is gray, uses primer before painting, and loves to argue.

Using the upcoming Blue Dual Shock 3:

The Gamer is a true patriot, manly, hates red or pink, never backs down, a crip, loves the ocean, and loves summer.

Using the upcoming Red Dual Shock 3:

The Gamer is a collector, loving, color matcher, likes confrontations, will say no to defeat, a blood, and takes chances.

Whichever color represents the gamer in you; there is one thing we can all agree on, the love for Video Games!

What color is your dual shock 3?

And what colors would you like see on your dual shock 3 TQFam?

  • Siggy

    HA HA HA it looks like DR. Desz hates the silver controller. I would prefer seeing just about any color they give us, the more colors means more variety for consumers. Sony should also think about doing controllers with an artistic design imprinted on the faceplate. Just imagine a custom made controller with the official TQ logo, design and colors surrounding the dual shock 3, make it happen, Desz& JUiCE.

  • maggot

    damn i got me a silver DS3 :> thats my main gaming controller its right for the most part haha

  • I think the silver is just not as high in demand as a white one. I really, really want a white Dual Shock 3. It just looks cool.

    I think MW2 should of came with a camo dual shock instead of those night vision goggles, and for only $80.

  • Great analysis, Desz! I’m a Black Controller dude ALL THE WAY, bro. I like my pad to be elegant, sylish, sleek and bold, you know?

    Also, you can add “Minimalist” to the white one, I would think…as it’s great for the Ikea crowd, ya feel me?

    The color I want, however, more than ANYTHING, is no color at all! I want a 100% See-Through controller! Back in the day when Nintendo released all of the differently-colored Game Boys, the first one I got was the clear one, as looking at the inner workings fascinated me! (Cyberpunk as Hell!)

    I know there was a clear Dual Shock 2, but it was like 50% opaque. I want it to be clear as glass….shit…I would pay 100% for a glass one! It would make it that much more satisfying if you have to throw it across the room out of anger!

  • kosamus

    My favorite color wasn’t a choice, but I still have to give it up for my GUNMETAL controller. Its not boring black, blah white, cheap silver or the oddly misguided red and blue. GUNMETAL FTW! Looks clean, modern and slick without looking cheap.

  • @Kosamus, yeah I saw that on your setup. Take a close up picture of it and post it here.

  • Oooooh, I agree Kosamus & Desz! ANYTHING Gunmetal is the best! Cars, Systems, gadgets of all types….man I need a Gunmetal iPhone….

  • Kosamus