TQcast Episode 73

TQcast Episode 73 is ready for launch! (1:30) TQcast back from San Diego’s 2009 Comic-Con!

TQcast 2009 Comic-Con Recap
Exclusive interview with Naughty Dog Producer
Uncharted 2: Gold Rush mode hands on
Modern Warfare vs Uncharted. Who will take the title this year?
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Wii
Ironman 2
Sonic Sega All Stars Racing
Fat Princess releases
Oh, and fuk Tyrese Gibson!
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • Guys, first of all, AMAZING show as usual! However, as drunk as Juice was, he was right about me going on my lunch to physically buy that beautiful monitor! Desz, you’re spot on with thinking that Comp Usa doesn’t exist anymore, but the truth is; TigerDirect bought CompUsa (or the other way around) and now all Tiger Direct Retail stores have become Comp Usa! Thankfully I have a store about 5 minutes from where I live! So I payed about $215 baby, and I walked out with that shyyytttt!

    But that newegg deal is definitely hot, and I recommend you pick it up A.S.A.P.! Killzone 2 looks fucking IMMACULATE on that shit, no mamesssss weyyyyyy!

  • lol! My bad Juice. I’m picking it up from newegg right now, nice Simon.

  • Kosamus

    Wow, Comic Con sounded like a lot of fun. I had some friends there doing the cosplay thing. I couldn’t figure out what to do with my vacation time this year so I missed out on California this summer 🙁

    Dang Juice, you were pretty faded, lol. Also, don’t be sad about CoDMW2 – I know you just bought CoD4, but MW2 will have a lot more to offer than CoD4. Don’t get me wrong, why change something that isn’t broken. I don’t ever play any CoD anymore, but i’m excited for the new game.

    Also, I heard that the AI and difficulty skyrockets as you go through the waves the Gold Rush Co-op. So dumb AI is forgivable during the first 10 waves. But i’m sure it will get hard as you progress.

    TQSHOT for Desz for picking up Mass Effect – a must play! I’m actually going through the game again on a harder difficulty and all evil options. Mass Effect got alot of shit for load times, but the fun is there and that is what counts.

  • I have to apologize you guys, I was TOO wasted on this cast. I’m glad I was right about Simon physically buying the monitor, now I don’t feel that much of a dumb ass… lol and Kosamus you’re right, but so far, other then the graphics and all the fancy stuff, it seems like they could of just added this as DLC. None the less, this does indeed look like an incredible game which i will most likely pick up! by the way, here’s my video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOWf0Z05Exs

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  • Siggy

    Awesome show as always, Desz & JUiCE, but I hope you guys dress up in costume for next year’s Comic-Con. JUiCE as Wonder Woman confirmed? just kidding.

    @JUiCE: Don’t apologize for being “a bit” tipsy, it was funny as hell and it happens to us all anyways, it made the cast more real. I think you need to start training (by drinking more) so you can face BMI in their web cam challenge and hopefully out drink them. If you guys do contact Naughty Dog ask them if Uncharted is coming to the PSP, I think it was a rumor a few weeks back.

    BTW, a definite big FU *K YOU to Tyrese Gibson, he can’t act, all his characters are the same in every movie and he almost ruined both Transformers movies. What a loser trying to do what he did at the comic-con, you guys should have smacked him and his pimp.

  • Yeah, boys- crazy as usual! Did I hear JUiCE right when he said he would “pubic-ally announce” something? Comic-con sounded like a blast- I should’ve been there, but friends of ours decided to get married in September, so I need my week’s vacation for that. If they split up before 7 years, I told them that they owe me a trip to the convention! About my article- I just wanna clear up that I DO want you all to buy MW2, just buy the standard edition. But the biggest thing is that we need UK gamers to import the game at a lower price from the US. Great show as always, boys and happy to be TQfam!

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    OMG…great show! LoL. Man…Juice had me laughing at work! I was trying to listen to the podcast but it was hilarious. He was trying so hard to speak passionately while he was faded. LoL. It was definitely entertaining.

    Anyway Desz…I’ve got that Platinum trophy in WWE Wrestlemania. It was one of the funniest games I’ve played in a while. I thought it was very easy to get. I still have to say it was easier to get than Burnout. BTW…it was Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Shawn Michaels. LoL…I remember you guys throwing out wrestler names last cast.

    Any way, everybody at Naughty Dog is the bomb!! I’ll be buying TWO copies…YES TWO COPIES of Uncharted 2 because my girl can’t wait to play Co-Op with me. She’s playing the crap out of the first one right now.