Feed the Princess That Tres Leche This Thursday!

It’s been over a year since Sony made room for Fat Princess at E3 2008 and TQcast came home with video footage that caught the attention of even some of the 360 crowd. Fat princess began with a bit on the controversy side, with several women groups disagreeing with the fact you had to feed cake to a princess in order to keep her secured. For a moment, Fat Princess seemed to be endangered. The Fat Princess Beta went live almost a year later, and some lucky gamers had a chance to feed the princess while spilling pints of blood through out the castles. Now, the day has come, an official release date for Fat Princess; Thursday July 30th for the price of $14.99 to be exact. Is the anticipation still what it was about a year ago, or even a few months ago when many entered a cake picture contest via the PlayStation Blog for a chance to feed the princess? I’ll tell you what, the anticipations has been up and down for this game, but now, that it’s this close, I can’t wait to put the icing on the cake and feed that &^*%#! Who’s with me?

  • bigmangriff

    It’s about damn time!!!