Comic-Con 2009 TQcast Recap!

As you know TQcast got a chance to be at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con! Being the first time TQcast attended Comic-Con, we were amazed by the amounts of people that showed up and dressed up for the occasion. You can count on us being there next year once again! Check out the video and enjoy!

  • Denoch

    Very nice fellas, looked like so much fun, i saw a lot of hot babes i heard Juice trying to holla at them. Wish i could could be there.

  • Kosamus

    That was awesome, lol. Reminds me of my trip to Anime Expo.

  • Awesome footage dudes. Man I wish I could make it to a comiccon one year. There looked like some fine nerds there also.

  • maggot

    Thx tq ive always wanted to to comic con but i dont live in the area. Love the footage since what i see on tv is often scripted and set up. I love the behind the scenes kinda thing very kool

  • Nice video! Made me feel like I was there. Good job guys!