TQcast recently interviewed Sam Thompson, Producer for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and were not only let in on some incredible game play with the latest co-op mode “Gold Rush”, but TQcast was able to get some interesting details that have added several more justifications to why Uncharted 2 could sweep 2009′s Video Game Awards.

Sam responds and covers the following on the video interview below:
TQcast’s question of possible alternative endings, or self created endings.
Dynamic Content updates: On the Fly modifications to the game without patches.
Navarro exclusive character
The game’s improvements and general public reactions.
Uncharted Vinyl figures.
Plus, an incredible inside that could seal this year’s game of the year award.
Check out the video interview:

You heard Sam, what would you like to see on Uncharted: Among Thieves? Let us know with your comments below. To support your ideas, we will throw in an exclusive Navarro multiplayer skin to 40 lucky TQfam with great ideas. Good luck!