Uncharted 2 Continues Its Road to Game Of The Year

TQcast recently interviewed Sam Thompson, Producer for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and were not only let in on some incredible game play with the latest co-op mode “Gold Rush”, but TQcast was able to get some interesting details that have added several more justifications to why Uncharted 2 could sweep 2009’s Video Game Awards.

Sam responds and covers the following on the video interview below:
TQcast’s question of possible alternative endings, or self created endings.
Dynamic Content updates: On the Fly modifications to the game without patches.
Navarro exclusive character
The game’s improvements and general public reactions.
Uncharted Vinyl figures.
Plus, an incredible inside that could seal this year’s game of the year award.
Check out the video interview:

You heard Sam, what would you like to see on Uncharted: Among Thieves? Let us know with your comments below. To support your ideas, we will throw in an exclusive Navarro multiplayer skin to 40 lucky TQfam with great ideas. Good luck!

  • R3CK

    Great video. Thanks for keeping the people that couldn’t make it informed.

    I would really like to see some exclusives with the vinyl Drake toys being released. Maybe a skin that would match the toy color you buy or just something a little goofy like Doughnut drake from the first one.

    Some other skins might be a girl villain or some other villian variation they seemed a bit plain in the beta.

  • MIKEanIKE_13

    i would like to see in uncharted 2 is where you can play with your friends in the same story mode as single player not like how resistance 2 did it where the game just splits up an there are just objectives to complete i want to beat the whole game with my friends. I mean atleast 3 with Drake, Sully and one of the girls. Thanks for reading.

  • STAR_live

    My idea would be that you can have a two player mode where one player would be up on a control panel and you have to protect their friend below with a machine gun or something and there could be a small chat box at the side of the screen so the person on the panel could tell them where to go who to take out …… and there could be treasure pieces on the way to the finish for extra points. And at the end of the match there could be a Scoreboard/Hall of fame!?

  • STAR_live

    Oh & a Exclusive bonus costume for every character wearing a naughty dog T-Shirt like in Drakes Fortune! 😀

  • Andy-McK-4ever

    Maybe there should be an multiplayer Jak skin (from Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter series) that is unlocked after taking part in 100 multiplayer matches

  • someone71GT

    I also hoped for 2 players on 1 tv online against 2 players on an other tv, the teamwork would be very good because you play with a friend of you and you don’t have the problem you can watch your opponent’s screen, but this has also to do with splitscreen and sadly you guys don’t want making that, but of course I’m still going to enjoy this game, but I always hoped for that a developer finally make that combination of splitscreen and online, you have the good thing of splitscreen (teamwork) and the good thing of online (can’t watch opponent’s screen)

  • tlwizard

    I’d like to see a deleted scene entitled Nathan Drake and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In it, Drake enters an ancient alien civilization to find George Lucas raping some poor child’s hood in the corner while Harrison Ford is using his cane to reach for the crystal skull and Shia LaBeouf is cutting up some ham because that’s what his stage mom taught him to do.

    And then Nathan Drake kicks everyone’s asses. Breaks the Crystal Skull, shouting “WTF is this crap?” Knocks the terrible accent out of Cate Blanchett’s mouth, and then pours out a 40 for the evil monkey that died in Last Crusade.

    For reals, though, I’d like to see a boat/jetski chase. I know there were jetskis in the first but all the bad guys were always on the land. I think that’d be fun. But really what I want is everything that made the first game great.

    These have been fun comments to read. Thanks!

  • SnipersGetHead

    There’s a lot of things that I would like to see added into Uncharted 2 from what I’ve played in the multiplayer beta. First, the ability to toss back grenades since people like to drop them as a last move right before they die. I know ND patched this in the beta to reduce damage but they can still be very lethal and upsetting. The time limit for the explosion should be kept the same but if it lands right on you as someone dies there should be a countermeasure. My second idea relates to plunder mode, which will relate to my previous idea. While the treasure is in the air your other teammates or even the enemy should be able to catch it and not have to wait for it to drop as it slows things down with the animation of a character picking it up again. Or you could do a switch-around where if it lands on someone it does damage which would be hilarious.

    Just my two cents. :] Beta was near perfect though, definitely a first-day buy. Here’s hoping you win Game of the Year ND!

  • Cryptocy

    Thing I would personally like to see are:
    1) The ability to backstab some1 with a knife or machete (or throw them when you are close) probably won’t be included but would be fun, a whip would be nice but probably won’t get it due to copyright ;p
    2) Maybe a x-mas map or a santa skin or at least the santa hat on drake.
    3) Patch/dlc with new weapons such as the Joker pistol in the old batman movie or at least a look-a-like
    4) C4 or explosives which automatically detonate but do not kill others players cause that would be too powerful, best if it stuns them or blinds.
    5) The ability in stealth mode to fall onto some1 when you are on the rooftop and he is under (dunno about multiplayer, could be a little annoying to the enemy but fun if you are the one using it, utter pwnage)
    6) I remember the jet ski levels in uncharted1, maybe the addition of a buggy or 4 wheel motorcycle would be nice, 2 passengers or 1, co-op would be befitting here, or maybe a co-op stage with 1 player riding the vehicle be it a jeep or smth else, 1 handling the gun and another one who uses a grenade launcher
    7) The last thing i think i would like to see is a new multiplayer mode, either one where you can only use melee attacks only (+special other melee moves such as the brutal combo in uncharted1) or vehicle battles, of course no camping allowing at the area where the vehicle spawns. 3 players on a jeep or 5 players on an armored hammer on bank car( where in the bank car another multi player mode can be made) One team is in the van and tries to escape and the other team tries to stop them, this would better be a co-op mission though cause i don’t really see it befitting in multi player 5v5 mode.
    Just these;p hope I didn’t make anyone bored, which I probably did, sorry if I made you get bored

  • cheezdoodle96

    1. It whould been cool if it was 4 player or at least 3 player and when you play single player, you can change who to play f. ex in Borneo you can choose to be either Sully or Nate.

    2. I whould love it if ND added a character customization screen where you can make you’re own character and kinda choose if he/she is gonna have a relationship with someone (f. ex if you make a guy you chould have Chloe as you’re GF) and you can choose what relationship you got with Nate, Sully, Elena etc. etc. and like in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 where you can use you’re ps eye and

    3. Drake’s Fortune skins in MP if you got a DF save file and different enemies like one of them have conrows a singlet and army pants, and another have long hair jacket /w ammo-belt-thingy ’round it and cargo pants and you can give Nate and the others camouflage that matches the level you play and f. ex that you can give Nate a cowboy hat (like the one Tenzin have).

    4. Offcourse dlc with classic ND characters and characters from other games, more trophies, more weapons, more puzzle levels, driveable vehicles, levels with traps and stuff that other players can activate, monster/survive levels, levels where one of the players play as the monster and finally monster skins for single player.

  • cheezdoodle96

    and btw my psn is cheezdoodle96

  • cheezdoodle96

    I mean ps eye without the ”and” and monster-survive levels

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