Killzone 2 Double XP Weekend Starts Today

After all the hard work and dedication Guerrilla Games has put into Killzone 2, it is about that time that they sit back relax a drink some TQ. But before they do, they want to first off thank everybody that has supported and played Killzone 2, and announce some very exciting news to all the Killzone 2 heads. Starting today Killzone 2 Double XP weekend starts! That’s right TQfam rack up those experience points, and get your helghast on!.

A Win will earn you a 2.5 multiplier and a Loss will still grant you the normal multiplier for a Win: 1.5. This applies only to individual points, not Clan Valor and will be available in all regions during this time.


  • Siggy

    awesome, I’m most likely going to play this weekend after a few months absence. see you online tqfam.

  • Denoch

    Me too , ill be on for sure,

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I’ll be definitely playing sometime this weekend.

  • I’ll hit it up on Sunday for sure.

  • maggot

    thats this is kool, would be cooler if it wasnt so easy to rack up points in killzone tho… i wish they had the feature for like say… i dunno… fucking warhawk… THAT game really does need double xp everyday haha. good stuff tho ill be playing kz2 this weeked for sure

  • Denoch

    You only get Double if you win! You get regular points if you loose, just so you know

  • Kosamus

    Sadly, I still couldn’t bring myself to play – even with dlc maps I bought and haven’t tried. Couldn’t get my hands off of Battlefield 1953.

  • Whoa Battlefield 1953 came out???