Uncharted 2 Releases October 13

Uncharted 2 due out in October TQfam! Yes, October 13th to be exact, according to statement giving to Kotaku by Sony. In addition the box art has also been revealed, featuring Nathan Drake hanging from the bumper of a vehicle, on the icy cliff, like seen on the BETA voucher.

In addition, Sony also revealed four different exclusive digital pre-order bonuses for different retailers. The Mighty Best Buy will get golden guns for multiplayer, Amazon gets a treasure map item that “allows players to discover hidden treasures throughout the game,” and Game Crazy gets a currency multiplier item that unlocks currency in multiplayer games more quickly for a limited time.

But the biggest pre-order bonus of them all is without a doubt Gamestop’s early access to the multiplayer demo (as well as the “Revenge” booster) the multiplayer demo opens on September 30 for everyone else, but GameStop customers will be able to get in on September 9.

What do you think TQfam, Gamestop pre-order?

  • maggot

    wuts that Revenge booster thing??? so far for me i think Amazons has the best deal since i remember finiding all the treasures in the first one was a bitch …