TQcast Episode 72

TQcast Episode 72 is here, and bigger than ever! TQcast enters the TQ HQ full of smoothness, and heat for your ears.

Say Hello to TQforums!
July TQGame Night winners announced
Comic-Con here comes TQ!
XBOX 360’s 1080p HD streaming explained.
PS3 Slim to touchdown in August
Windows 7 upgrades explained
Is Blu-Ray dead?
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • Kiltron

    Hey guys great site keep up the good work. Heard about you guys from The Gamesmens Show. Hope to hear more of you guys and keep up the Tequila shots!!

  • You took the show to another level yet again, fellas. What a week for TQ! Gaming night, Kosamus’ hella setup, trip to the beach, then culminating in a great show. The Blu-ray developments are so disheartening- I certainly hope that the format is NOT the next Laserdisc. On the PS3 slim topic, I realize Ellis knows his shit, but I have to see this one to believe it. ‘Til next week.

  • Kosamus

    Great show as usual TQcast. Killzone 2 had been off my radar for awile too. It was nice getting down on it again, game looks so beautiful in 1080p. (TQSHOT for spawn campers though). Wow Desz, give Worms a chance, its one fun game. Not sure it would be fun on the iphone though. Btw, hold the shot action button down longer so you can project your weapon away from you further preventing your Worm from self infliction. Worms Armageddon 2 on the PSN and XBL is a much much better purchase. Actually feels like a complete game, compared to the featureless original.

    I’m a patient person, but I just want a cheap way to get 720 – 1080p video quickly. BMI is quick enough for me, lol. Only thing is, my HDD’s are filling quicker now because of these 4gig files. So streaming would be really nice for those commitment free movies (such as Booty Call in HD) lol.

  • Denoch

    I must say another “glorious” show guys, i was actually hungry for another show this morning good thing it was posted before i went to work. I think everybody was rusty in the last Gaming Night, for some reason i couldn’t shoot anywhere. I know what guy you are talking about Desz, the one that talked a lot, i actually muted him but it suddenly went quite so i decided unmute him after 30 min. Blu Ray’s are not going anywhere, when DLC starts to take over, thats when will see more price drops on Discs, in my opinion DLC wont be the dominant format till we have standard 20TB hard drives till then it will be worthless to buy movies when you wont have a place to store them! I have to give you props for that fire you spat on SSE’s track , i love it , i actually hear it over and over and over again, cause T-T-T-T-T-T-T Q , IS INDEPENDENT
    Im down with TQ

  • Jae Vicious

    What up TQ Fam!!!! Jae V back in the house. Great show fellas. Nice to hear the forums are up cant wait to check those out. Im appreciating the REAL talk, I LOVE blu-ray too, but in these hard economical times a brotha dont have that expendible cash to be paying 25-30 for a blu ray. I say downloadable content for the win, you are right on the money Desz, it will be the next medium for media for sure… Juice playa, I need that pimpish Juice back… Especially after french made Juice… Keep the Heat Coming…

  • @Kosamus you sly dawg you! You were right, I held the shot power button down, and tadaa, I’m loving this game now. You’re probably right, the game might be a bit more fun on the console, but at least I now know how to shoot these clown. I’ll report back on this on the next cast. Thanks G!