TQcast Episode 71

TQcast is back after their EP70 live show, and feeling extra Independent. TQcast EP71 (1:35) “Meatspin Slim” Intro track & Outro “Sweat Shop” Beat produced by SSE.

Why Sony is behind in the Game, and have become Apple/Kojima productions.
PS3 slim will be all PS Cloud.
Blu-Rays are in trouble
Cloud Computing explained TQ style.
Ghost Busters PS3 Impressions
Prototype PS3 impressions
Assassins Creed iPhone Demo impressions
Addicted to Lil Big Planet DLC
Peggle gets an official TQdropping policy award.
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • ooohhwweee! Another amazing TQcast, baby!

    First of all, good choices on the drinks, fellas. Also, I need to try that Drink of the week, Pat Preezy also speaks highly of Ciroc, so I’ll pick up a bottle soon.. Also, regarding Cognacs, it definitely seems like the dropped off after 2002/2003 during the “Pass the Courvoisier” phase. But I must say, Alizee is the first alcoholic beverage I’ve ever had, so I have a soft spot for the Cognacs.

    Desz, through Netflix, I’ve had SO MANY slightly cracked blurays that I had to return because they wouldn’t play, so I feel you on that.

    Good shit, fellas, and Juice, I’m sorry about the website recommendation, but I might as well ask; “how many spins did you get?” To be honest with you guys, I think I got a good 15 spins before I had the reflex to close the browser.

    TQ+BMI, baby!
    Simon D. Ivanoff aka SDI

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Man…I was writing this article about the Cloud computing and how PS3-Connect was going to work but then I see you’ve already got it covered in your podcast.

    That’s why you guys are the greatest! I’ll give my opinion on the podcast after I’m done listening.

  • What can I say? Another great show, that’s what. I have to disagree about the near future for Sony, though. One of our ‘Random Encounters’ on our show was all about bringing BackCompat to all systems. If Sony can EXECUTE(and that’s a big IF), the stars are aligning in their favor. A price drop, a Slim in the future, Emotion emulator, the titles such as God of War 3, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 2, coupled with multiplatform offerings from great third-parties- it’s Sony’s year to lose. If they can pull it off, we could see a literal tidal wave of Sony support for the consumer base. Anyway, thanks for the kind words- I’m ecstatic that you enjoy the show and make sure you look for a shout in episode 5. Until next ‘cast… *tips hat*

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