PS3 Game mO DeAls

A late weekend mO DeAl on PS3 games has just hit the TQ HQ. has several hot PS3 titles on the cheap. The titles include

*The Orange Box $11
* Fallout 3 $33
* Metal Gear Solid 4 $16
* Street Fighter IV $32
* Burnout Paradise $11
* Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune $32
* WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 Featuring ECW: Collector’s Ed $30
* Assasin’s Creed $16
* Bioshock $16
* LEGO Batman $11
* Gran Turismo 5 Prologue $16

I just added several titles to my cart, and MGS4 and Burnout have started directly linking to the home page, which makes me think that the game may now be out of stock. Never the less, I did add SFF4, and Bioshock with out issues. You will see the price reduction when added to cart.  Get on this TQfam!