Google Officially Announces Operating System

Microsoft and Apple’s worst nightmare came true as several sources have confirmed that Google will be launching a cloud-based operating system sometime in the latter half of 2010.

The operating system will be a lightweight, virus free experience apparently run through possibly the Chrome browser which will allow all of Google’s current online tools like G-mail, Google Reader, Google Maps, and the Google Calender to be integrated into the experience.

This new Chrome OS, while similar in functionality to their Android OS on phones and netbooks, will be capable of working on Windows, Apple, and Linux computers using compatible widgets.

Perhaps it might even be possible to install this OS on your PS3. Imagine having all of your Google tools readily available if needed on your gaming console. This type of cloud-computing could completely change the way you game and even force Sony , Apple, and Microsoft to work more expediently on their own respective cloud services for their products.

  • This is great news! I knew it was just a matter of time, cloud computing is the future, and the best part of about it, is that with a cloud computing OS anything goes, and anything with a browser should be able to use it, or fraction of it.. Of course you have licensing issues, google needs to get paid, and ching ching homie.

    By the way can you say Go Live and Google OS colabo?

  • Damn, this is crazy! I agree with you Desz, the “cloud” concept is the future, Microsoft & Apple betta watch themselves!

  • maggot

    what is the clouds u guys speak off? is that good? i like the idea of the aps but have no idea aboutt he cloud stuff