Fight Night Round 4 DLC Announced

Fight Night Round 4 has been a huge success to date, and what better way to stay consistent and worthy than a well supported game. Already, the first DLC pack, which will be available for free to both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 users will be out early August. The pack will include a new training gym, new gameplay sliders, as well as a host of new equipment that can be used for outfitting boxers. Xbox 360 users will also receive an exclusive alternate version of Sugar Ray Leonard in their first DLC pack, courtesy of Pizza Hut.

But that’s not all. The most requested missing feature of Fight Night Round 4 is on its way as well. EA SPORTS will be releasing a free downloadable game update by early September that will allow gamers to use face buttons on the Xbox 360 and PS3 game controllers to throw punches, hooks, uppercuts and haymakers.

In addition Fight Night Round 4 Producer Mike Mahar confirmed that there will also be bug fixes for the game, including:

– Boxers missing their hair textures
– Gamer’s able to schedule two fights at once and then not being able to continue their career
– Additional bugs that caused Legacy Mode freezes to occur

Also the new training gym is a modern upscale training gym. Previously the gym was only available in Legacy Mode, but with the update it will be unlocked for use in Fight Now.

There will also be introduction of new gameplay sliders that give gamers the ability to tune and tweak the following attributes:
– Counter Punch Window
– Boxer Stamina
– Punch Accuracy

Gamers can use these settings to further customize the game play experience, and even share the tweaks with the Fight Night R4 community.

Fans can also expect to see some new equipment consisting of:
– All American Gloves
– All American Shoes
– Jordan Brand Trunks

Mike Mahar also added, that Fight Night Round 4 will be supported for a long time to come, and EA is working hard to get more boxers in to the game.

Bravo EA, Bravo!

What fighter would you like to see in Fight Night Round 4?