TQcast Episode 70

TQcast Episode 70 (1:55) LIVE from the wine country.. The New and Untouchable TQcast!

TQcast Episode 70 available in Audio and Video
TQcast LIVE for the first time since the last LIVE show
JUiCE pays his dues by wearing the French Outfit as promised.
TQfam LIVE and contributing to the cast!
LIVE BMI links.
Uncharted PSP
Uncharted Platinum one trophy away
Fight Night Round 4 PS3
plus much mO!

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  • Siggy

    This just in: Juice joins a broadway musical LOLOLOL.

  • Lemme get this right- JUiCE came out of the TQcloset? Is that what I heard on the show? Wow…

    So, “TQ-gate” does indeed exist. What a shame- it seemed like a great relationship. Oh well, things happen and moving on can be a very good thing. Best of luck to all parties involved and taking the moral high road is admirable.

  • maggot

    Waz up TQ yo guys thx for the shoutout wasnt even xpecting it since when i tryd to let u guys know i was back the site was down… b4 that a quick recap of the shit that went down. So about the YLoD i call sony they say im out of warranty so i have to throw them 150 for the fix, so i get about 170 left from skool money, as im about send in my girl gets a ticket so after taking care of it im down to 20… I end up saying fuck it and so i go to Frys to buy some silver 5 thermal paste and long story short- I fixed my ps3 for 7.99 d(o.O)b M0deal rite there.

    Back to the PN deal guys man i got nothing but support for TQ.. Keep doing wut ur doing and always come clean like u do man thats why i love the cast cuz theres no fake bullshit. Frankly i heard of PlatNation thru you guys when i was trying to post on the forums. TQcast is gonna reach new highs n the fam will be rite there with yall… HellaGood TQshot to u guys for keeping it on point. and to Juice man way better then even redtube u look hawt haha and Oh juice i recommend a strap for ur dualshock when u play uncharted crushing cuz ur gonna be throwing that shit accross the room 😀
    sorry for the wallotext c yall on tq game night
    FUCK Jeff Rubinstein

  • Denoch

    Hey guys just heard the cast , ive been out of town so i couldn’t make the live show. Its crazy how in just a couple of days bonds can be easily severed just for EXPRESSING your opinions on your cast, but i guess some people just can be too sensitive. Screw those who are out to get TQcast. Maybe now there can be a collaboration between TQcast & BMI= TQnation. Glad the site is back we’ll look into the forums

  • Denoch

    By the way Juice looked really cute with that dress 😉

  • Wow, man, three days later and I’ve gone back and listened to this episode again and even re-visited the video content (of course, I wanted to make my lady jealous, so I showed her footage of Juice looking FYNE).

    But this was certainly a great time, and it’s just awesome to have TQ on its own now WITHOUT any limits. More than ever, fellas, you can see that the TQFAM is on that Ryde or Die mentality, baby!

    Also, Denoch, I appreciate the comment. Pat and I are definitely down to work with Desz and Juice anytime, anywhere, brother!

    Great show, I can’t wait for #71, the next live show, and the 7/15/09 wild ass TQ Game Night.

    By the way, we need to find Jeff Rubenstein’s PSN ID and ╦╤─ ╦╤─ braaaaAP PAP his ass online!

    Simon D. Ivanoff
    of the Black Market International