Uncharted 2 Facts Just In

Just in, from the LIVE Chat taking over at the PSBlog with Chris Morell and Naughty Dog. We have some interesting Uncharted 2 facts that have not only opened the anticipation for this game, but the knowledge on what should be expected later this year.

Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Demo will make its way to the PSN before the release of the Game.

The single player campaign will be longer than the first game. There will be 90 minutes of cinematic alone.

The multiplayer will have more new game modes, maps, and boosters

Most of the Trophies will be on the single player and co-op portion of the game. Naughty Dog does not want to have many multiplayer trophies that are basically hard to get through tons of kills or wins.

No split screen co-op.

New hand to hand combat: The entire combat and enemy system has been revamped for this game which includes hand to hand melee. New enemy classes that will change the way in which you have to approach them. The lightest classes of enemy will allow you to perform hand to hand combat much the same way it was in Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, but the medium classes enemies will counter your attacks requiring you to dodge before you can finish them off. Then the heaviest class of enemies won’t let you melee them at all!

Co-Op modes: at least 2 more cooperative modes (that are actually some of my favorite). We also have variations on all the competitive modes that focus on specific kinds of weapons. And of course our Cinema mode allows you to play back any of your matches and view it from ANY angle. You’ll also be able to upload those recordings so others can download them and view them on their PS3’s. You’ll also be able to upload screen shots from that mode as well.

There will be similar amount of puzzles in Uncharted 2 as in Uncharted 1, but overall there’s also more problem-solving in the levels — meaning: figuring out how to navigate the environments, and what’s the best approach to different combat set-ups. Also, there is still a journal in this game (this time it’s Nate’s journal, not Francis Drake’s diary) to assist in puzzle-solving — but this time the player will have to thumb through the pages themselves to figure out the solutions to the problems.

  • Tyler

    WTF why no slip screen co-op? have developers forgot about how much fun sitting in the same room as a person and playing the same game is? thats lame!

  • Good TQ SCOOP! That kicks ass that we’ll have a Multiplayer Demo early! I CAN’T WAIT!

  • Siggy

    I like the playback feature. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

  • giggity

    demo rocks…..

  • I don’t know how many “Chapters” they are yet….but I can tell you this about the online.

    There will be 5 Different “Playlist” modes
    -Co-op Objectives
    -Co-op Arena

    Game Types include
    -Turf War
    -King of the Hill
    -Chain Reaction

    Co-op options are
    and Objectives

    I don’t know what Machinima mode is

    There are 7 online maps
    4 Gold-Rush and Survival maps
    and 3 Co-op Objectives maps

  • Kosamus

    Already I can see that they held back maps for DLC. That’s not enough to hold up against CoD a month later. Expect more maps when CoD launches.

  • Oh yes.. They are waiting to release the good stuff. Uncharted vs Sack Boy Characters, and Uncharted vs the human turned zombies from U1.

  • according to Naughty Dog…or from what they told us….they said 2 months but we shall see.

  • I only wish that there was a character creation aspect to the game. But since there isn’t, I will gladly pay $5-$10 for a DLC pack that includes weapons, boosters and new skins. …and of course new maps will be purchased by me.

  • hey do the Navarro skins work yet?

  • Ooooooooooh, I’m gonna try tonight, Desz! I’ll let you know!

  • wait a minute…. that was a trick question…didn’t you give those away??

    anyways even if you did, I got you, so don’t sweat it. All TQstaff is getting one.

  • Hahahah, I have two left, but I might as well test one out right? Hahahah, damn, you’re right though, you got me good!

  • Navarro skins do not work, i tried 2 of them the other day (I think last week) with no luck. The golden weapons code didn’t work either. Let us know if they work now.

  • no worky