Behind the Scenes of TQcast EP E3-2

Take a look behind the scenes as TQcast records Ep E3-2. Many of you have listened to the cast while we were at E3 2009, so now you get a chance to SEE us record. Check out as Infected from Evolved Gaming hooks up TQcast with and Uncharted 2 Beta code and some Underwear???

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    LoL. That hug was one of the best Kodak moments. That mic you guys are using is crazy looking. Never seen it before.

    Anyway, thanks for putting out the high quality content. TQcast = Greatness!

  • Behind the scenes stuff is great. Outtakes and such are the best part sometimes. You guys should find a way to incorporate them into the end of the show. That, and you could name it “JUiCE Time”… lmao