TQGame Night is Back

What up TQfam, its been a while since our formal TQGame Night, and I think it’s time to rejoice and enjoy the smooth taste of our TQ and the fun yet competitive rounds of TQGaming to the fullest. TQcast brings the biggest TQGame Night ever on Wednesday June 24 at 7:00pm PST so don’t miss it. Game to be played (Uncharted 2 BETA Mulitplayer). There will be live streaming, TQ prizes to MVP gamers, Dasetup world premier episode, and much much more. Listen to TQcast Episode 68 for more details.

*****Big Thanks to everybody that showed to this epic event, we had a great night of gaming that I would be proud to say later this morning “I’m tired because I played with the TQcast community”***** Don’t forget to listen to TQcast EP69 next week for a complete recap of this unforgettable TQgame Night, and hit the play botom below to view Uncharted 2 Beta gameplay from both June 24th and early 25th.*****

Game for TQGame Night 06-24-09 is: Make sure to get some practice in.

  • Damn, can’t wait!!!

  • FnA

    I will be there. You know I will bring it to the game, just like last time.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I’m going to be there. I can’t miss this big party!

  • patpreezy

    I will be on deck

  • Denoch

    After a heavy slumber, for sure ill be there too

  • Big fun, Big fun. I’m taking a break to watch the feed. Genius!

  • Steve519

    prize for me

  • bigmangriff

    I have the matching cd/audio receivers for Biffs DVD player

  • @bigman Biff wants to buy them off u.

  • Kosamus

    That game night was epic

  • FnA

    Great fun. I was pretty much on top of every game with kills.

  • That shit was definitely fun as hell. I think I woke up everyone on the block yelling “THROW THE TREASURE, THROW THE TREASUUREEEE!!”

    But yeah, Desz, I need yo to ship that toothpaste out, playa, I haven’t brushed my teeth cause I need the official TQpaste, man!

    Awesome time, brothers, I can’t wait to do it again.

  • Denoch

    That sh^t was fun last night! We had so many people out there supporting the TQ gaming night that we had to split into four teams.

  • Man, that was so much fun that I think we need to do a Resistance 2 Game Night soon. I’m kinda gettin’ that 7-month-itch for some Co-op(and even competitive)R2.

  • With the amount of TQfam we had last night, we definitely need to play a game with at least 16 on each team. Never the less Uncharted 2 TQGame Night last night was one of the best TQgame nights ever, even if we had to split it into 4 or 5 separate teams.

  • bigmangriff

    Id be willing to sell it if I had a back up.