TQcast Episode 67

TQcast EP67 (1:30) Give it to me baby!

Gamerspub lives! Special Guest GUI J blesses the TQHQ from the Pub.
JUiCE’s new video “Give it to me baby” coming soon to a TQVIP near you.
Natal hates my brotha.
Metal Gear Solid 4 DLC and trophies.
Sony’s new PS3 bundles are missing a few things.
Verizon will get iPhones
Windows 7 upgrades
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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Show mO DeAl$

  • Good Show. Nice to hear GUI J again. I still can’t get over the Natal shit. Is it going to become the next racial gaming topic like RE5 zombies???

  • it was great to hear Gui J on a show again. Great job snatching him up from the abyss.

    Juice, you seem a little gay. Not just how you tried to take advantage of me while I was in my drunken state but just other little things too. Do you have something to say? Are you coming out of the closet? It’s ok if you do, we all will support you.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Wow. It was great listening to Gui J’s no BS, non apologetic contributions to the podcast. Maybe a 3 man podcast perhaps? We’ve had Juice 2.0 and Desz Pure. Is Reverend Pubalicious the last step to recreating a holy trinity of sorts here at TQcast?

    I loved the iPhone when I had it but mine was jailbroken and unlocked. I usually mess with the roms and themes on my phones anyway so I wondered off into Android land. I’ve been trying to get that the developer of iTrophies to create a version for Android but we’ve haven’t come to terms on “lending him my G1” to get the app done. Hmm…I may be coming back to the Apple Valley sooner than I thought.

    The Natal thing didn’t surprise me. After all, the console is white. That’s alright. Screw Windows 7. I’m all about Snow Leopard! Macbook Pro…here I come.

    Juice took advantage of Steve and now he’s going to wear lingerie on video podcast. I’ll be sure to watch my back next time we play Killzone 2.

  • hahahahahahahaha!! “After all, the console is white” and “I’ll be sure to watch my back next time we play Killzone 2” classic!

    We need to see what’s up with GUI J, we can perhaps convince him to appear for some cameos.

  • Denoch

    Great Cast guys as always, having GUI J as guest host was brilliant. I started listening to the Gamers Pub about Eight episodes before they took a break and it sucks because i was really into the cast and then they mention that no more G.P, its cool though, good to hear from GUI J maybe next time you can have BDazzler on the show too.
    The whole Steve and Juice chemistry that was going on was hilarious and as far as im concern thats a two way street, even though he was drunk thats still no excuse cause alcohol brings out your true Self lol
    Keep it safe kids

  • hahahahaha

    You guys ALL SUCK! hahaha