We recently had a chance to check out some of the Nyko products coming out later this year, and we wanted to share one that caught our eye for several reasons. The Nyko Type Pad pro, a “Wii chat pad” which serves as a great alternative to using the Wii-mote for internet browsing, texting, friend code swapping, or simply for memo recording, may have Wii owners chatting it up a bit more. The Typad Pro has a central placement for a Nyko Wand or Wii Remote which allows for easy navigation and field selection, and is using the Trans-Port Technology which allows the A and B button to be utilize directly from the type pad. The Typepad has a 25ft wireless range (adapter included) and no additional batteries are necessary. Date and price were not revealed. Did Nyko actually beat Nintendo to its own hardware game? Nyko, how about you bring us a PlayStation 3 chat pad alternative with back lighting? ;)

Pros: Comfortable, true Qwerty keyboard, no extra batteries necessary.
Cons: No back light, may be a bit too big for the younger Wii audience.