TQcast Episode 63

TQcast EP63 “The Platinum Cast” (58:54)”TQcast is back fo mO, they want to hear some mO!

  • Desz Pure is NOT here?
  • Lady JUiCE’s Birthday Bash Recap!
  • Control your PS3 with your Windows Mobile Phone
  • YouTube on PS3 Home?
  • Sony to have a motion sensing remote at E3?
  • How to get access to Uncharted 2 Beta
  • New FNR4 trailer
  • JUiCE Platinum!
  • JUiCE shows love to the PS2
  • All that, plus video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!
  • *tips hat*
    Thank you, good sir.
    *swings pocketwatch hypnotically for others reading*
    Buy Burnout Paradise, buy Burnout Paradise… 😉

    Pardon me, *ahem* PlatinumJUiCE- but if you have the chance, go back and play Beyond Good & Evil again on the PS2(or even if you have backwards compatibility on yer PS3). It’s a wonderfully crafted game with some of the greatest personality you’ll ever experience. Plus, you’ll be primed for the sequel(whenever that comes).


    I thought this was a couples therapy session for a minute but it turned out to be a good show so big ups Juice and Lady Juice.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Wonderful show. Good chemistry between Juice and the new “D”iva of TQcast.

    I appreciate you two putting out a cast for us to listen to. Some of us would have had withdrawals and then starting listening to lesser known podcasts for a quick cheap fix.

    I hope Desz and the family is okay. Is he trying to work out a deal with Telemundo now?

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    *is…I hope they “are” okay.

    Anyway, one more thing…I totally support “D”iva to start doing the TQ Drink Tip of the Week.

    Burnout Paradises FTW!

  • Great work JUiCE and Lady JUiCE! I really enjoyed the chemistry, and lady JUiCE’s flamboyant sense of humor. Can’t wait for the next cast!