• TechQuila Episode 22


    TQcast EP22 "The Color Blind Edition" tragedy strikes TQ, how being color blind affects your gaming, new PS3 on the...

  • Destroy the Web!!

    Want to destroy your most hated website? Well use this link to help you get started..

    Lol.. Clever cats!

  • Resistance 2 Hi-Res Screenshots


    The first Hi-Res Screen shots of the anticipated Playstation 3 video game Resistance 2.

    Not bad..

    Check out the large images...

  • Mac Book Air vs Commodore


    hahahaha, this is funny!

  • Bioshock Figurine and Art book finally in my hands.

    I received a UPS notification yesterday with the sender being a "External Job" ummm I scheduled to pick...

  • Get out of Verizon with no fees

    If you are like me, tired of Verizon, and tired of their boring, always locked, no reception where I live...

  • TQcast Photo Shoot

    This was suppose to be the day we took 3 pics for the contest for a contest thing for gamerscoreblog,...

  • TechQuila Episode 21

    TQcast Episode 20 contest winners announced! Desz takes a few TQ shots before the show, and slows the tempo...

  • 7 Geek Panties (for girls)

    If you still don't know what to get your ladies for Valentines ; )
    These GameGirl bloggers can help!
    I swear...

  • TQcast on Techandgames.com Live Thursday 6:30pm (PST)

    **Update** Direct Download here
    TQcast will be guest...

  • Hypno Fusion


    Hypno Fusion

    A Mr.B4 and his girl exclusive drink tip. TQcast EP 21

    Ingredients/ materials you will need


  • Macbook Air

    Apple just announced the .16-inch thin MacBook Air -- a laptop so thin that it should of been in...

  • mO DeAl$ of the week!

    2-26-08 Amazon has that HD-DVD 50% deal again get it right here

    **Update** 02-25-08
    Discovery Store has the Planet Earth HD DVD Set for $79.99...

  • Soul Calibur meets Star Wars

    Most of you must of heard...

  • Assassin’s Creed DS

    Damm, "D" might play this game before me on his DS. That's right according to Go Nintendo Ubisoft is...

  • TQcast Jumbo Remote Review

    -Jumbo Remote Review. Check out TQ's review of the biggest Universal Remote in the world.

    -Plus an update on the TQcast Episode 20 giveaway


  • Alienware Curbed Screen

    Strait from CES, a gamers dream. That is just sexy.. Stop drooling Biff!


    Sony put us on game last week with the official revealed plans for Skyp

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